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November 16, 2012

Annual Student Recognition Award Honers Five Young Women

Out of more than 2,700 students at St. Francis College, a group of four professors singled out five young women to honor their academic excellence with an annual Student Recognition Award. The honorees cross disciplines, including a Biology major, an English major and three Education majors.

“It’s important for us to let the students know that we appreciate the hard work they put in during their classes,” said St. Francis President Brendan J. Dugan. “Our professors know that college is more than just assignments and grades. They build relationships with their students as mentors and offering the Recognition Award is part of that process.”

Alina Zhyvotovska ’14, a Biology major with a minor in Chemistry was nominated by English Professor Wendy Galgan for exceptional research and writing in her Honors Seminar, Metaphors of Motion in Women’s Poetry. With a strong aptitude for science, Zhyvotovska was unsure about her place in a liberal arts course, but Dr. Galgan said, “Her writing is good enough for a graduate course, which is all the more extraordinary because English is not Alina’s first (or even second) language. She is intellectually curious and dedicated to her academic pursuits.”

Meagan Meehan ’13, an English major was also nominated for her research and writing by English Department Chair Bro. Edward Wesley, who had her for two courses. “She exhibits a depth and clarity of work well beyond her years,” said Bro. Edward. “She has really fine insights into literature and a strong talent for academic writing that can express complicated ideas and relationships. Somewhat shy in person, her aggressive side is very clear when she thinks and writes about what she is thinking.”

Gabriella Carbonaro ’13, a Childhood Education major with a concentration in Math was nominated for a classroom project that made a significant contribution to the discipline of Education, by Education Professor Marina Gair, who organizes the Student Recognition Award. Carbonaro, wrote and illustrated a children’s book, Jimmy’s Scribble Scrabble, to help young kids overcome a fear of wearing glasses.

Samantha Bisbal ’13, an Adolescent Education major with a concentration in English, and Michele Allia ‘12, also an Education major, were also nominated for contributing to the discipline of Education. They collaborated on a syllabus to teach high school students about U.S. history through the pages of several graphic novels. They were nominated by Education Professor Peter Leibman.

Attached Photo: Dean of Academic Programs Allen Burdowski, Alina Zhyvotovska, Meagan Meehan, Michele Allia, Provost Timothy Houlihan, Samantha Bisbal, Gabriella Carbonaro, Brendan J. Dugan ‘68.

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