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March 29, 2012

Being Human: Call of the Wild, Latest Anthology From St. Francis Professor

With the goal of helping to make better sense of our place in an evolving world, St. Francis College English Professor Gregory Tague edited his latest collection, Being Human: Call of the Wild (Editions Bibliotekos), an anthology featuring fifteen stories by twelve authors.

“Being Human wonders in the mysterious, and often whimsical, play of humanity as it interacts with, and seeks solace and identification in, nature,” St. Francis English Professor Ian Maloney in the Foreward for Being Human. Two St. Francis students also contributed to the collection, Meagan Meehan was an editorial assistant and Sharon Dittus helped proofread.

“Though we are by nature social creatures, we can commit acts of aggression (either against ourselves or others). And yet, quite often, we seek through rituals a natural peace with ourselves in unison with our family or the larger environment,” write Professor Tague and publisher Fredericka A. Jacks in the Preface.

Among the questions tackled in Being Human are, ‘Why do we kill certain creatures while nurturing others?’, ‘Why do we have rituals, and why do we create and sometimes destroy relationships?’ and ‘What drives people to kill others to protect their land?’

Being Human is the fourth anthology published by Editions Biblotekos, the most recent is Battle Runes: Writing on War. Plans are in the works for a new collection that will explore themes of faith and doubt.

Professor Tague has authored and edited numerous books including: as author, Ethos And Behavior: The English Novel from Jane Austen to Henry James (Academica Press, 2008); as co-editor and contributor, Origins of English Dramatic Modernism, 1870-1914 (Academica Press 2010); and as author, Character And Consciousness (Academica Press 2005). He also publishes The Association for the Study of Ethical Behavior in Literature Journal.

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