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September 8, 2023

“Between the Lines” Opens

Between the Lines

The first gallery exhibition of the new academic year, featuring work by Dr. Gerard Shaw, an associate professor in the education department of St. Francis College (SFC), opened on September 7.

Co-sponsored by the College’s Art Gallery and Library, “Between the Lines” features the doodling work of Dr. Shaw, which he created as part of a sabbatical project. The art in the exhibition provides a completely subjective experience of visually arresting combinations of lines, shapes and colors.

According to Shaw, “Doodling is like dreaming, an experience that provides a direct connection with the unconscious of the artist. There is no one correct interpretation and no one correct emotional response.”

Shaw’s background is in athletics and physical education. He is a fencing master, having earned this distinction from the Institut National des Sports of France, as well as a licensed psychoanalyst.

“Between the Lines” will be on view in the SFC Library (5th floor) through the end of the fall semester.

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