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July 18, 2019

Class of 2023 Arrives at St. Francis for Summer's Third Orientation

On July 18th, St.Francis College welcomed members Class of 2023 for its third new-student Orientation of the summer.

While everyone enjoys long, hot days, here's a quick introduction to some of the individuals on campus today who'll be walking the halls of 180 Remsen Street as freshmen come September.

Corrado Carbone

Corrado Carbone

East Brunswick, NJ | East Brunswick High School

What made you choose St. Francis?

I love the environment. The first time I walked in everyone was very welcoming, everyone is for each other. They look to help each other. Everyone was very close-knit and I really enjoyed that.

My mother and my father came to St. Francis. So that also made me want to come here.

What advice did your parents give you?

They want me to stay focused. College is important. Studying is more important than athletics. They want me to do well in school.

Are you an athlete?

I'm on the soccer team. I play midfielder and attacker.

What are you most excited about for the fall?

I think the soccer season. I'm excited to connect with the boys, learn some new things about them and grow with everybody.

Giovanni Prestigiacomo and Robert PrestigiacomoGiovanni Prestigiacomo

Brooklyn | Ft. Hamilton High School

Robert Prestigiacomo


| Xaverian High School

You're twins but went to different high schools. Did you miss each other?

Giovanni: It was more like as we grew apart it made us grow together. It helped us be more mature.

What are you studying at St. Francis?

Robert: Business administration

Giovanni: Same thing. Business administration.

Are you playing any sports?

Robert: Not as of now, but I'd like to get into basketball.

Giovanni: I kind of want to go to school just for the education. Just to know more things. Learn more.

How did you both decide to attend St. Francis?

Giovanni: I had a college convention at my school and I really liked [St. Francis]. It caught my eye. I really wanted to go here. It was my first choice.

Robert: I knew the environment was small, which made me express myself freely. I knew I could have relationships with teachers just like at Xaverian.

Kayla Drugan

Kayla Drugan

Marine Park, Brooklyn | Edward R. Murrow High School

You have a connection to St. Francis?

Yes, my boss and neighbor teaches here and, I believe, went here.

What are you planning to study?


Any extra-curricular plans?

I'm hoping to volunteer and get into anything based on the arts.

How did you decide to come here?

I wasn't thinking about St Francis at all. My neighbor told me how much she loved it, how it was the best college she could possibly think of for me. I looked into it. I loved it.

What are you most looking forward to for the fall?

Probably making new friends. I went to a huge high school. So being in a small environment is something really nice.

Aryana Kovacs

Aryana Kovacs

Old Bridge, NJ | Old Bridge High School

How did you choose St. Francis?

From going on Instagram. I used to live in Carteret [New Jersey]. I know a girl that goes here from Carteret, so I just looked up the website and then that was it.

What are you hoping to study here?


How did it feel when you learned you had a McGuire scholarship?

Honestly, it was the best feeling. It's a big relief. Like a weight lifted off my shoulders.

What are your goals for the fall?

Just to have fun, try not to stress out, try to really enjoy myself.

Breanna Lawton

Breanna Lawton

Old Bridge, NJ | Old Bridge High School

Like your cousin Aryana Kovacs, you're a McGuire Scholar. How did you feel when you received that?

I cried a little because I was so excited. I was happy because it gave me the opportunity to become what I want to be.

What will you study at St. Francis?


Planning to join extra-curriculars?

I looked into a couple. I think I'm going to do the nursing club and I want to try to do a sport, but nothing is pointing out to me yet.

What are you most excited for when it comes to your St. Francis career?

Having fun and making friends and graduating.

Maria Masi

Maria Masi

Staten Island | St. Joseph Hill Academy

What made you decide to come to St. Francis?

My brother Victor Masi goes here and he gave me a lot of good ideas and good reasons to come here.

What will you study here?


What about extra-curriculars?

I haven't decided yet. I'm still going to look through the opportunities that are here.

What are you most excited about for fall?

Meeting new friends and having the college experience.

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