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February 5, 2015

Earl Warren's Supreme Court

Cary Federman (Montclair State University) came to St. Francis College February 5, 2015 to talk about Earl Warren's Supreme Court (1953 - 1960).

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He received his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Virginia. He is the recipient of two Fulbright scholarships, teaching law and political science at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, and criminology at the Institute of Criminology, Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. His research interests are in law and jurisprudence, prisons and prisoners' rights, psychology and law, ancient and modern political philosophy and the history of the social sciences. He is the author of The Body and the State: Habeas Corpus and American Jurisprudence (SUNY 2006).

Cary Federman - Earl Warren Court

Professor Emily Horowitz and Sara Haviland organized the lecture as part of their series for students and senior citizens on Interpreting the 60's.