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June 6, 2012

High Scores for St. Francis Management Students

Teams Rank Near the Top for the International Glo-Bus Competition

Students in St. Francis College’s Management program have again achieved top rankings in Glo-Bus, a competitive simulation of the digital camera industry that is widely used in advanced courses by colleges and universities worldwide. Students were ranked against the scores of over 2300 similar company teams from 145 colleges and universities around the globe who were simultaneously competing during the Spring semester.

In Professor Leonard Jordan’s class, Angelus, composed of Michael Lubelli, Matthew Anderson, Matthew Sutterlin, Daniel Petsche, and Christopher Doran ranked 35th in Earnings per Share.

In Dr. Vincent Lee’s class, Ellusion, composed of Alex Cosentino, Joseph Dilorenzo, Eurikled Ramadhi, and Kim Snauwert, ranked 53rd best in Overall simulation score, and 60th in Return On Equity

A second team, Blitz, Inc, managed by Saeje Oh, Marciej Polek, Danlahdi Robinson, and Thomas Strumolo, ranked 65th best in Return on Equity. While Capture Camera, with Michael Kirshner, Michael Trotta, and Jennifer Valcarcel was 71st in Return on Equity.

As a major requirement of the capstone course for senior level candidates for a degree in Management, students assume the roles of the chief strategy, marketing, and operational officers of their camera company. They make a multitude of production, marketing and financial decisions over a simulated ten year period, in competition with the other members in their class and are measured on key success metrics that are important in the business world.

The GLO-BUS competition asks groups of students to spend one semester managing a digital camera company over a simulated ten year period. The teams are then ranked against competitor teams and schools.

Attached Photos:
Team Angelus (Michael Lubelli, Matthew Anderson, Matthew Sutterlin, Daniel Petsche)
Team Blitz Inc. (Marciej Polek, and Danlahdi Robinson)
Team Capture Camera (Michael Kirshner, Michael Trotta, and Jennifer Valcarcel)
Team Ellusion (Kim Snauwert, Alex Cosentino, and Eurikled Ramadhi)

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