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October 12, 2018

Kristen Hadeed Brings Her 'Permission to Screw Up Lecture' to St. Francis College

St. Francis College is proud to announce Kristen Hadeed will be presenting "Permission to Screw Up" on Thursday, October 18th as part of the #buildyourBRAND Lecture Series.

An author and "unintentional" entrepreneur, Kristen launched Student Maid, a cleaning company that employs primarily students, while attending college in 2007. Since then, her company has employed thousands and is widely recognized for its industry-leading retention rate and culture of trust and accountability. In this keynote, Kristen will motivate attendees to turn their most challenging moments into the biggest lessons, becoming a stronger leader along the way.

"I hope to see students, entrepreneurs, and leaders of all kinds show up to this lecture, but also anyone who has ever felt ashamed for making a mistake or anyone who is too afraid of making mistakes to go after something they're passionate about," says Kristen. "The only way for leaders to learn is to jump in, get their hands dirty, and mess up. We learn most by doing!"

Kristen Hadeed

Centered around the themes in her book, Permission to Screw Up, Kristen Hadeed shares the story of how she went from being an almost comically inept leader to a sought-after CEO who now teaches others how to lead. Through a brutally honest and often hilarious account of her own struggles, Kristen dismisses the idea that anyone should try to be perfect, and she herself says, "I got it wrong as often as I got it right."

As part of St. Francis College's Center for Entrepreneurship #buildyourBRAND series, Kristen's lecture coincides with the overall goal: to help turn great ideas into great realities. At the Center, SFC students engage with academic and community partners to grow a collaboratively, eventually developing an entrepreneurial mindset. By inviting entrepreneurs like Kristen to tell their stories, students can be inspired by their creative innovation and learn best practices for operating small businesses.

"The more we share and open up to each other, the more we can grow and become better as people and as leaders," explains Kristen. "I want students and fellow entrepreneurs to be able to look at their past mistakes as learning experiences and be excited to make new ones. We need to understand that if we strive for unattainable perfection, we'll never feel fulfilled, and we'll never do our best work."

This event is sponsored by the SFC President's Office and Center for Entrepreneurship. Check out Kristen's lecture on Thursday, October 18th at 11:10 a.m. - 12:10 p.m. in the Founders Hall at St. Francis College.

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