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May 21, 2013

Management Majors Ready for the Real World

International Business Simulation Sees Widespread Success

St. Francis College Management Majors proved their mettle on an international stage, with every team of students ranking near the top for the spring semester Glo-Bus, business simulation competition.

Out of almost 1,500 teams spread across 85 countries, all three teams placed in the Top 50 for at least one category.

“I've never had a class where all of the teams ranked in the top 100,” said Professor John Dilyard who teaches the capstone course, Business Policies, to graduating Management Majors. “Each of the students should both be proud of and congratulated for their outstanding work.”

For the Glo-Bus simulation, students are divided into teams to manufacture and sell cameras globally. They make all the decisions for their respective companies for 10 years, and while they compete against each other, they also are ranked each week against all other teams at all other schools using the simulation.

The top team was, Click Company, managed by Marko Gencic, Adam Maabdi, Irvin Saenz and Simon Ytterbom. Click achieved 18th best return on equity, 34th best stock price, and the 47th best earnings per share.

A-Team, managed by Frank Innocenti, David Loufti and Anthony Szkola had the 39th best earnings per share and 39th best stock price.

Best Cameras Created, managed by Cecilia Araiza, Cristina Frisina, Rhea Galsim and Tara Santos, had the 4th best return on equity.

Attached photo: Marko Gencic of the winning team, Click Company, with Professor John Dilyard.

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