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October 19, 2017

Mayor Diblasio and President Trump

New York Post Columnist Michael Goodwin and New York Daily News Columnist Harry Siegel came to St. Francis College on October 19 to talk about New York City Mayor Bill DiBlasio and President Donald Trump.

(Watch Michael Goodwin and Harry Siegel Debate the Mayor and President)

The event was organized by St. Francis College Scholar in Resident Fred Siegel as part of the Fall 2017 Senior Citizen Lecture Series: Perspectives on American Politics & Policies.

Michael Goodwin Harry Siegel

Siegel is a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute and author of The Revolt Against The Masses: How Liberalism Undermined the Middle Class. He has been instrumental in bringing a number of timely and provocative events to the College, including: Donald Trump and the Rise of the Alt-Right, New York's New Digital Media, and A Discussion of the Common Core.

fred siegel

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