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November 8, 2016

Now That We're Men: Performance & Talk

Locker room talk, catcalls, and public shaming of sexual abuse victims sat front and center in the 2016 race for President. Much of that public conversation on sexuality is focused on women and how they need to behave, but playwright Katie Cappiello (Slut: The Play) turns the talk back on men, speaking directly to them with her new play, Now That We're Men, which was performed fives time at a special engagement at St. Francis College in October and November in the College's Maroney Forum for Arts Culture & Education.

(Watch Now That We're Men)

Presented by The Feminist Press, Now That We're Men wrestles with misogyny, double standards, and harmful expectations of masculinity told by boys on the cusp of adulthood. This urgent, insightful intervention brings to light how sexist culture harms all young people.

Capiello's play is inspired by the experiences of boys and young men nationwide. It stars members of The Howlings Theater Ensemble: Caleb Grandoit, Jordan Eliot, Fred Hechinger, Alphonso Jones and Rayshawn Richardson.

now that we're men

"If we are serious about changing rape culture, we have to be curious about the experiences of young men as well as young women. This play electrified me—and enabled amazing conversation with my 11-year-old son," said Jennifer Baumgardner, Executive Director of the Feminist Press and publisher of Now That We're Men.

Each performance was followed by a minute talkback with the creator & cast members.

(Watch the After-Play Conversation)

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