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April 29, 2016

Psychology Master's Degree Student Presentations

The St. Francis College Psychology Department gave the 2016 Bachelors and Masters Degree graduates center stage to present their research on April 29, 2016.

(Watch the Graduate Student Presentations)

Seven students took advantage of the opportunity to share what the results of their research. The students and research topics are:

  • Johnny Arcuri: Social Media and the Bystander Effect: An exploratory investigation of helping online.
  • Jack A. Binks: 'Feel' the Power of the Imagination: Exploring Kinesthetic Motor Imagery as the Primary Modality for Skill Acquisition When Physical Practice is Not Possible.
  • Dechen Dolma: Exploring Perceived Self-Identity of Tibetan Immigrants in the U.S. in Relation to Acculturation Status, Ethnic Identity and Related Factors
  • Stephanie Fevrier: Exploring the Use of Cognitive Training to Improve College Students' Performance on Attention Measures.
  • Dunia Gragui: The Importance of Successful Physician-Patient Communication:My Experience as a Research Associate at NYU Langone and Bellevue Hospital Center.
  • Taylor Hilgendorf: The Use of Incentives to Decrease the Mum Effect.
  • Wendy Ochoa: Social Decision-Making and Cooperation: Supporting the Common Neural Currency Theory.

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