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June 20, 2019

St. Francis Hosts Nearly 200 Members of Class of 2023 at First Orientation for Upcoming School Year

St. Francis College welcomed nearly 200 Terriers-to-be on June 20th at its first Orientation for the entering Class of 2023. The College will host its remaining Orientations on June 27th, July 18th, August 28th and 30th as it gears up for the start of the 2019-20 school year.

In the meantime, get to know five new faces that took part in Orientation and will join the freshman class in September.

Timothy Walsh

Southington High School | Hometown: Southington, CT

Timothy Walsh

You're an athlete. What team will you join at St. Francis?

I'm committed to play men's volleyball. I'm an outside hitter.

How did you originally connect with St. Francis College?

There was a national tournament in Phoenix last summer and a scout from St. in contact with me, and I got in touch with the coach, Andy Mueller. We talked back and forth and he invited me to campus and I just fell in love with everyone here. And the city.

You're going to be part of the first-ever Men's Volleyball Team at St. Francis. How does that feel?

I'm sure once the season actually starts, maybe some nerves will set in, but right now I'm just really excited to be part of that first group. We set the bar. We just do the best that we can and it'll be really exciting.

And what are you going to be studying at St. Francis?

I am undecided, but I'm leaning towards something like science, like psychology or exercise science. Something along those lines.

And any thoughts on what's going to happen after you finish St. Francis College?

I'm thinking if I really like the city maybe I'll stay in the city, maybe try and get a job on Wall Street because I know there are a lot of connections [with St. Francis]. Basically there are lots of internships, so whatever I decide on doing, St. Francis is going to help me get there.

Noor Tayeh

High School for Telecommunication Arts & Technology (Bay Ridge, Brooklyn) | Hometown: Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

Noor Tayeh

How did you decide to come to St. Francis?

My family recommended it because we live 10 blocks away. So I took a private tour and I talked to [track and field] coach [Christopher] Mills. [It was] really welcoming.

I have to admit that that one interview really just opened up my eyes. Then later on, while I was in school and telling people I was interested in St. Francis, tons of people were just coming out of the woodwork. They're like, 'Oh yeah, I know a kid that went to St. Francis,' 'my son goes to St. Francis,' 'I used to go to St. Francis,' and they're all saying it was great.

What sports are you doing here?

Track and field. My specialty is the 800 meters.

Are you going to join any clubs?

I really want to. I really want to be a part of St. Francis. I want to spread out, so I want to be in a club.

And what's going to be your major here?

Education with a focus in either social studies or physical education.

And what do you plan to do once you graduate?

I talked to my coach at my high school -- I really liked my high school -- and I want to someday go back and teach there, be an assistant coach with him because I would like to coach too. And after, take on more coaching and see what I could do from there.

Dylan Gongora

Benjamin Banneker Academy (Clinton Hill, Brooklyn) | Hometown: Flatbush, Brooklyn

Dylan Gongora

Where are you from?

I'm from Belize but... I moved here [to Brooklyn] in 2016.

How did your first get to know St. Francis College?

In my junior year, my school had a college fair and St. Francis showed up and I was really intrigued at the presentation... after that I kind of stalked the school and then in my senior year I set up an interview...and got in that same day. I was so happy.

What are you planning to study?

I'm thinking about criminal justice or political science.

Are there any clubs or extracurricular activities that you plan to participate in?

Yes, I plan on joining the pre-law society, hopefully be an executive member of the SGA [Student Government Association] someday, and the history club.

Are you planning to go to law school after this?

Yes. I'd really like to go to Columbia or Georgetown after this.

You're a McGuire Scholar. How does that feel?

I'm so happy, because it's free tuition, and you have to [maintain] a 3.5 [GPA] for it, so it forces me to stick to my goals.

Sophia LoRubbio

Fort Hamilton High School | Hometown: Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

Sophia LoRubbio

You're a McGuireScholar. What about that is exciting for you?

All of it. To be able to experience going to college, getting full [tuition]. I'm just so grateful for the whole experience. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to meet all these people through it. It's really great.

What do you plan to study here?


Do you have career plans after you graduate?

My major life goal is to be a psychiatric nurse practitioner. That's where I really see myself.

Janeen Rico

St. Francis Preparatory School (Fresh Meadows, Queens) | Hometown: Little Neck, Queens

Janine RicoWhat are you planning to study at St Francis?

I am planning to study nursing.

What about St. Francis made you decide to come here?

I just liked the family vibe. When I first came in I just felt like very welcomed by everyone and I was known by name. I just felt like it was a perfect place for me. It was a small school and I like being in a "together" kind of environment.

Are you planning to do extra-curricular activities here?

I'm planning on joining the astrology club. One of my friends is already in the school and he started it. He asked me if I wanted to be in it and I was like, yes, of course, because I like that stuff. So that's one of the first clubs I'll be in.

You have the St. Francis College/St. Francis Prep Principal's Scholarship to attend St. Francis College. Can you describe how you got it?

I went to St Francis Prep and we're affiliated with this school. My principal at St. Francis Prep has a connection with St. Francis College. My guidance counselor nominated me for the full scholarship here and... I got it. I was so thankful that I got it because my family was unsure how we would pay for school. So this is a really great chance for me to go to school with a full scholarship.

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