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January 30, 2013

St. Francis Mourns Passing of Nurse Deborah Seaton

It is with much sadness that St. Francis College announces the passing of Deborah Seaton, Director of Student Health Services on Tuesday, January 29, 2013.

A Licensed Practical Nurse with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, Deborah began working at St. Francis College in 2004. As Director of Student Health Services, Nurse Seaton oversaw the St. Francis Wellness Center and Counseling Center as well as weekly events like Healthy Hour and stress-relief activities for students during finals week.

“Deborah was a friend, a mom, a counselor and a nurse,” said Cheryl Howell, Dean of Students. “Her generosity of spirit was the epitome of Franciscan values.”

Current and former students writing on social media said that Deborah, was, “an amazing, kind-hearted individual,” who was, “always there with a smile and a wise word.”

Deborah Seaton is survived by her daughters Osaline Seaton and Michelle Davis as well as her grandson Malachai.


Funeral information as well as plans for a day of remembrance at St. Francis College are still being determined. More information, photos and a wall for reflections are available at

Additional counseling services are available to all students and staff in the Health Center, Room 2310 or by calling 718.489.5335

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