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April 27, 2015

Students Honored for Variety of Academic Work

More than a dozen students from a variety of disciplines were honored at St. Francis College's Annual Student Recognition Day on April 27, 2015.

Winners included two Education majors who each wrote their own children's book, Sara Yellen (Cali's Tale) and Peter Pinto (Pavo's Got Two). Brittany Richards (Philosophy: Freedom from a Charming Custody), Marian Polland (Feeling Better), and Adam E. Sponder (Anamnesis: Regarding the Platonic Source of Knowledge and Explanation of Learning) were each recognized for their research papers written in the Honors Seminar, Plato and Neo-Platonism.

Communication Arts majors Tia Quirk '16 and Bernadette Laszlo '15 were recognized for their news story on Olympian Dara Torres (Watch Dara Torres) while Nicole Donatantonio '15 and Kate Meany '15 were honored for their work in creating the Terrier Television (Follow on Facebook).

student recognition

Other students who were honored for papers include Annamarie Como (Dravet Syndrome), Erica Lakata (Austrian Libraries), Paul Marino (Medina Constitution), Jennifer Spirt (Narrative Techniques in Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy and Vita Nuova) and Autumn Clouden (Consumerism and Advertisement: Hand-in-Hand).

Student work is nominated by their professors and then voted on by a committee of St. Francis faculty that reaches across multiple majors.

Chair of the English Department Wendy Galgan organized the event and Provost Timothy Houlihan was on hand to hand out the awards.

Student Recognition Day was founded 16 years ago by Philosophy Professor Gerald Galgan.

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