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Government and Community
September 28, 2021

Support #Doublepell Campaign

Dear Members of our St. Francis College Community:

Please support St. Francis students and students across America by letting Congress know that it is time to double Pell by participating in our e-advocacy campaign!!

Double the Pell

Doubling the Pell Grant is the single most important thing Congress can do to address college access and affordability. Forty years ago, Pell Grants covered about three-quarters of the cost of college. Today, the maximum grant covers less than 30 percent. With low-income students struggling in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the urgency of this much-needed action is apparent. Doubling the maximum Pell Grant will help more students earn a degree and secure a brighter future.

Nearly 47% of St. Francis College students would benefit from this increase to the Pell program. Annually, Pell Grants help nearly 7 million American students attend and complete college. That is 40% of undergraduates at U.S. colleges and universities.

Participation is simple and will only take a few minutes:

  • Click here to visit our e-advocacy campaign page
  • Input your address.
  • Personalize the pre-written email by identifying yourself as a student, faculty, staff, alumni, parent, trustee, or other supporter of St. Francis College who cares about student aid.
  • Fill in the short form.
  • Click submit.

Once you hit submit, your email will be automatically sent to your federally elected officials to make your voice heard.

Thank you for supporting student aid at St. Francis College!

In Peace & Friendship,

Miguel Martinez-Saenz, Ph.D.

President, St. Francis College

Denis Salamone '75

Chair, St. Francis College Board of Trustees