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March 11, 2015

Theo Gangi Shares, a New Day in America

It begins with a father's quest to save his daughter and becomes a fight to save the world. A New Day in America (Full Fathom Five Digital), by St. Francis College English Professor Theo Gangi takes readers to New York City, one year after a devastating bomb has killed millions.

Watch Theo Gangi Read From New Day

He read from his novel March 11, 2015 at the College.

"For me, A New Day in America and the post-apocalyptic genre is interesting because the stories pose an alternate world of worst-case-scenarios and Sophie's choices," said Gangi. "We know who we are when supported by our set structures. Apocalyptic literature asks: Who are we when that security is gone?"

A New Day in America is Gangi's second novel, following the critical hit Bang Bang, a crime thriller.

The book follows former Special Forces operator Nostradamus Greene after he loses his wife and teenaged sons. Now he struggles to keep his young daughter safe, waging war against desperate scavengers, rabid for any food they can find or steal. With only so much to go around, Nos and Naomi fight and scrap to survive the biological Armageddon. Each day brings new danger to their reinforced door. But when Nos hesitates in killing a pair of raiding brothers, Naomi is attacked and exposed to the virus.

"Theo Gangi's A New Day in America grabs hold and won't let go. A brilliant and heartbreaking white-knuckle ride," writes New York Times Bestselling Author Adam Mansbach. Booklist writes that "Gangi definitely out twists them all."

You can read more of Theo Gangi's work on his blog and read an interview on the blog Electric Literature.

a new day in america

Theo Black Gangi is the author of A New Day in America and the breakout crime thriller Bang Bang. His stories have been anthologized in First Thrills, edited by Lee Child; The Greensboro Review; The Columbia Spectator; and The Kratz Sampler. His articles and reviews have appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle, Mystery Scene Magazine, Inked Magazine, and Crimespree Magazine. A graduate of Columbia University's Masters in Fine Arts Program, Gangi is the Director of the Writing Program at St. Francis College. He lives in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn with his wife. Their dog's name is being withheld for security reasons.

tim houligan theo gangi david vann wendy galgan

Above: St. Francis College Provost Timothy Houlihan, Theo Gangi, 2013 Literary Prize Winner David Vann, English Department Chair Wendy Galgan.

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