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Student Story

Albion Veliu ’24, B.S./M.S., Accounting & B.S., Information Technology

A co-valedictorian of the Class of 2024 at St. Francis College, Albion Veliu is double-majoring in accounting and IT. He holds membership in several honor societies, including SFC’s Duns Scotus and, at the national and international level, respectively, Alpha Lambda Delta and Sigma Beta Delta.

Why did you choose to enroll at St. Francis College?
There are three main reasons: SFC had an NCAA Division I swimming team, which allowed me to continue my swimming career while in college; it was affordable, thanks to my having been awarded a very generous scholarship; and its campus is in the heart of Brooklyn. Another reason was the small size of its classes, affording me the opportunity to connect with professors. Also, my brother, Meriton Veliu ’22, was a student-athlete here at the time of my enrollment.

What prompted you to pursue a career in accounting?
As a freshman, I was an IT major. However, I took an accounting class my first semester and liked it a lot. Frankly, I was good at it, so I decided to pursue two majors — accounting and IT. As an integral part of the finance world, the opportunities of an accounting career are limitless. Additionally, there are many specializations within accounting. On top of that, accounting offers great job security and stability. I like having a lot of options available and believe that accounting will provide me with diverse opportunities throughout my career.

As an international student, what was your experience like at SFC?
It was the best experience I could ask for. From helping me and being very understanding of the cultural differences when I first got to the States, to having a very diverse student body that allowed me to be exposed to different cultures, SFC has created an environment in which I could grow both academically and professionally. It has made me feel welcome and has supported me in every step of my journey.

What extracurricular activities were you involved in at SFC?­­
In my freshman year, I was elected a senator in the Student Government Association. As I progressed in my academic career, I was able to obtain leadership roles, such as president of the Accounting Society, vice-president of the Albanian Roots Club and vice-president of the Duns Scotus Honor Society for the 2022-2023 academic year. Additionally, I served as a tutor in accounting, IT and math.

Is there a professor or person at SFC who has impacted you in a meaningful way — whether academically or on a personal level?
John Lombardo has influenced both my academic journey and personal growth in many ways. From his passion for teaching to his commitment to students’ success, Professor Lombardo has played a pivotal role in many students’ lives. His door is always open to offer guidance and support. Whether it was academic struggles or personal dilemmas, he helped me approach each problem with patience and understanding, providing invaluable insights that helped me navigate any problem.

What’s next for you?
I will be joining the auditing team at Skody Scot & Company and studying for the CPA exam. Additionally, since teaching has always been a passion of mine, I hope to one day get the opportunity to teach accounting at a college or university.

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