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Student Story

Alkida Koleci ’23, B.S., Information Technology

A longstanding fascination with the ways in which technology enhances our daily experiences fueled Alkida Koleci’s desire to expand her knowledge of it and led her to declare information technology as her major. An active member of the Albanian Roots Club during her time at St. Francis College, she served the club in various capacities over the years, including, most recently, as its vice-president.

What professor, classroom experience or extracurricular activity at SFC had the greatest impact on your success here?
All of my professors had a great impact on my academic success. Their unwavering support and persistent motivation proved to be a driving force behind my achievements. As for extracurricular activities, I would definitely say that my involvement with the Albanian Roots Club has been an enriching experience in itself, but all of my extracurricular involvements have been rewarding, contributing to my personal and professional growth and providing opportunities for leadership development, cultural immersion and community service.

What personal qualities allowed you to achieve at such a high level at SFC?
Graduating with a B.S. in IT, summa cum laude, and with a 4.0 GPA, I would say determination, persistence, a zeal for learning in general, kindness and the willingness to embrace new experiences were the key factors that drove my success at SFC.

What did it mean to you to attend college in New York City?
It represented a long-held aspiration, and it provided me with opportunities, a broader worldview and an unparalleled cultural experience.

What’s next for you?
In terms of my professional path, I have accepted an opportunity to join Serhant LLC, a real-estate brokerage firm, as their technical operations manager. As I embark on this exciting new journey, I remain resolute in my commitment to making meaningful contributions and leaving a positive, lasting impact in every endeavor I undertake in the future.

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