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Student Story

Angelique Di Giovanni, Health Promotions and Sciences Major, Transfer Student

In 2017, Angelique Di Giovanni graduated from St. Edmund Preparatory High School, a private Catholic school in the Homecrest neighborhood in Brooklyn, near where she grew up.

The school's family-like, nurturing environment impressed upon her the characteristics she would later seek out in college.

Angelique enrolled at Brooklyn College first, but felt overwhelmed and directionless in such a large institution. She moved on to St. Francis College in spring 2020, able to transfer nearly all of the more than 60 credits she had earned already. She happily found a close-knit, caring environment that reminded of her of her high school, a place she thrived.

A Health Promotions and Sciences major, Angelique aims to become a nurse practitioner eventually. She is on track to earn her St. Francis College degree in 2022, and will likely return to SFC for additional education after completing an accelerated nursing program elsewhere.

Angelique reflected on her SFC experience so far.

Why did you transfer to SFC?

I wasn't very happy with where I was [Brooklyn College]. I was lost, in a sense, with what I wanted to do and my future overall.

I have a couple of friends at St. Francis and they were telling me that they really like it there. They told me it's a smaller school, the faculty is more involved and you feel more at home.

I was looking on the SFC website, and I see the nursing and healthcare programs. My cousin actually graduated from St. Francis, and he said "the nursing and healthcare programs are great."

I attended orientation and I really liked it. I felt so comfortable. I'm kind of shy, but I felt good there.

How's it been so far for you?

My GPA got higher. I feel like I know what I'm doing and I have support if I ever have questions. I know who to reach out to. And I get responses.

What are the most positive aspects of your SFC experience so far?

I feel like it's mainly about not feeling lost. I feel like I have full support at St. Francis College. [Admissions Counselor] Bobby Glover, for example, is always emailing me wondering how I'm doing. My advisor Gabby Rosario is always asking me if I need help. I really feel cared for at this school. I think it's very important to have that when you're in college, because it's something new for all of us.

How is SFC different than your prior college experience?

St. Francis is on top of everything. It's like a little family. Coming from my high school, I feel like that's what I was used to.

At St. Francis, you're a person, not just a number. You have your own identity. You are who you are at St. Francis.

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