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Student Story

Elias Briff, Finance Major and Transfer Student

Elias Briff joined the St. Francis College family with 35 academic credits he earned from three years studying economics in Argentina, at the University of Buenos Aries in his hometown. A scholarship during those years also allowed him to spend six months at the International People's College, a globally-focused school in Denmark.

Elias' path from South America to Brooklyn Heights took him through The Bronx, where he currently lives. He moved to New York City because of a job opportunity here, leaving his degree unfinished but with the intent to enroll in college again after his arrival.

With the help of SFC Senior Admissions Counselor Michael Phillips, Elias found a home as a transfer student at St. Francis College. A finance major, Elias hopes to graduate by 2023.

Elias reflected upon his journey and experience as a transfer student.

Why did you leave Argentina?

Argentina is in a very bad moment right now. For the past four years, the country's been in economic crisis. I wasn't getting what I wanted from my university either. For the last few years, I've been trying to leave.

I was born in the United States and I got an opportunity to come work [in New York City]. First chance I got to start college here, I grabbed onto it. I want to finish my degree and study for my master's degree. I want to keep studying all my life.

How did you get introduced to St. Francis College?

It's a beautiful story. I was trying to connect with [a big public college in New York City], but no one was responding to me there. I met a student from St. Francis College, and I was telling her I really want to study right now. I know fall 2020 is a great time to start.

She said you should come to St. Francis. It's a really beautiful school, a very humanistic school. I liked all that.

When I called, I got an answer. Within the next hour I was on my way to being a St. Francis College student.

Why is being in New York City so important to you?

I have a job here. I run a creative space for artists in the Bronx and Brooklyn [called My HUB Studios]. New York City's just the best place to be. It really is.

What's your experience been at SFC so far?

Extremely positive. Very fun. I'm very happy here. It's a beautiful campus. I go there once a week for classes. I'm very happy with the teachers and with the learning.

Overall, I'm just 100 percent content with everything. And I'm very grateful for the opportunity to be able to continue my studies here.

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