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Student Story

Jessica Gutierrez, Transfer Student

Jessica Gutierrez enrolled at St. Francis College as a transfer student in fall 2019, armed with an associate's degree she had earned from two years of study at Medger Evers College.

Being part of the Terrier family was a dream come true for the Health Promotions and Sciences major minoring in Biology. She had always considered SFC her perfect academic home even prior to starting her college journey elsewhere.

A member of the class of 2022, Jessica grew up in The Bronx, where she lives today with her family. She graduated from The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology in 2017.

Jessica recently spoke about her experience as a transfer student at SFC.

Why did you transfer to St. Francis College?

St. Francis College was actually my dream school, my number one choice. I had a problem with my application the first time, and eventually I lost touch with the school.

The school I ended up going to [Medger Evers College], it just didn't feel right. I always had St. Francis in the back of my head.

I applied [as a transfer student], and I got accepted. From then and there, I thought "this is my school. I have to go here. This is theschool."

What the transfer process like for you?

Once I got accepted, I made a meeting with Mike [Phillips, Senior Admissions Counselor]. He explained everything in the best way ever: tuition, books, my classes, the route to a major or minor. Honestly, I felt so welcomed. I just felt so happy to be here the minute I stepped on campus.

What's the best thing about being a student at St. Francis College?

The best part is the connection with my professors. When I was at my other college, I never got to have that experience. I never got to have a close connection with my classmates, or a close connection with my professors.

Coming to St. Francis College, I notice that teachers do care about you. I realize that about my classmates as well. No matter what class I'm in, I can have a conversation with them. If I need help, I'll get it.

What are your goals after SFC?

My long-term goal is to be a nurse practitioner. When I'm done with my St. Francis College degree, I plan to move on to an accelerated nursing program.

What can you share with other students considering transferring to SFC?

I took a risk coming here, but it was a risk I was willing to take because it'll all be worth it in the end. Paying for college is scary but this school offers so many scholarships and financial help. There's a lot of sports and clubs which makes it easy to find something you are interested in. Being closer to your classmates and professors is an amazing feeling and you will get that at St. Francis College. Stepping into this school you will feel welcomed and that dream college experience is guaranteed here.

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