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Student Story

Sophia Faustino ’25, B.A., Media and Communication

A sophomore majoring in media and communication and minoring in writing, Sophia Faustino considers herself a natural storyteller. She has her sights set on being an actor and balances her studies with work on stage, television and film.

Why did you choose to enroll at St. Francis College (SFC)?
I am from Brazil, and there are good opportunities at SFC for international students. I saw that the College could provide me with the means to achieve my personal and career goals. Also, the community is very friendly.

As an international student, what has your experience been like at SFC?
Wherever I go, I always try to make my experience as broad as possible, and thus far it has been great here. I have made nice friends and was welcomed to the community from the start. I did not have as many challenges as I thought I would.

What prompted you to pursue a career as an actor?
Ever since I was a child, I have wanted to be an artist. I would recreate scenes from Star Wars and Indiana Jones with my Barbie dolls. That's when I realized that I wanted to be a storyteller, and acting — along with writing — are the ways I have found to navigate my childhood dreams.

Where does your acting experience lie?
It’s pretty much a combination of stage, television and film. I started out in theater, which is where I learned critical things like how to memorize, how to embody a character, movement, etc. My goal, however, has always been to be on a TV show, so that is what I am working towards. I am currently filming episodes of a television series whose title is Keep 'Em Up, but the name is subject to change.

What extracurricular activities are you involved in at SFC?­­
I am president of the Troupers [SFC’s drama club], a member of Terrier TV and a writer for SFC News, a new club under development. Additionally, I work in the Center for Career Exploration as a marketing assistant. I also help out with the College's recently launched TikTok account and have modeled for promo images.

Is there a professor or person at SFC who has impacted you in a meaningful way — whether academically or on a personal level?
Most of my professors have impacted me in a meaningful way. I believe that professors are the best connections a student can have. While I cannot single out just one, I’d like to give a shout-out to Dr. Augusta Palmer for mentoring my independent studies in acting. She also has been helping me develop my portfolio and establish professional connections.

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