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Upload Proof of Vaccination
Reminder: All students, faculty, and staff must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and upload proof as a condition of accessing College buildings (including the residence hall) during the 2021-2022 academic year.



Accommodations can be requested at any point prior to or during the semester. Each student will need follow the process outlined below in order to request accommodations. A student does not have to have received accommodations in high school in order to be eligible for accommodations at Saint Francis College.

Incoming students who wish to apply for accommodations, please click here and complete the form.

Academic Accommodations
Academic accommodations are provided to students with disabilities through the process outlined on this information sheet. Students with disabilities must apply for accommodations at the college through an interactive process. The student is a valuable resource in understanding the impact of the student’s disability on their experiences at the college. This understanding helps the office to develop a plan for appropriate accommodations with the student. Accommodations are individually designed to meet the accessibility needs of each student and vary depending on the disability and the impact the disability has on the student.

Course Substitutions
Course substitutions may be granted in extenuating circumstances and will be evaluated on a case by case basis. These substitutions will be granted at the discretion of the Academic Deans. Speak to your advisor to find out more.

Housing Accommodations
Housing accommodation requests are reviewed on a case by case basis by the Assistant Director of Residence Life, Steve Porcelli, and the Assistant Director of Accessibility and Accommodations, Katherine Krieger. Students who wish to request housing accommodations should complete the Accommodation Request Process outlined below.

Accommodation Request Process
Reasonable accommodations are determined on a case by case basis through an interactive process including an interview and review of documentation. Documentation should be current, and clearly state the diagnosis, symptoms, manner in which the symptoms significantly restrict function in an educational setting, and any recommended accommodations. In college, students must self-identify to the Office of Accessibility and Accommodations in order to receive accommodations. The steps to receiving accommodations are outlined below.

  1. Visit, call, or email the Assistant Director of Accessibility and Accommodations to request accommodations.
  2. Complete the Accommodation Request Form and provide documentation of your disability which explains: your diagnosis, symptoms, the impact of your symptoms on your function in the college setting, and any recommended accommodations. Documentation should be completed by a professional, typed on letterhead, and signed by the evaluator. If you are not sure if your documentation meets the requirements, bring it to the meeting and the Assistant Director will assess your documentation and make recommendations or requests.
  3. Participate in an intake meeting. This meeting is a chance for the Assistant Director to get to know you as a student at SFC and find out more about how your disability impacts your participation at SFC. This allows the Assistant Director to recommend accommodations that will allow equal access to programs, activities, and opportunities at SFC.
  4. Receive an official accommodation letter with your approved accommodations. This will inform your professors of your approved accommodations.