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Project Access

Participate in Community

Throughout the year, Project Access students participate in events meant to enrich their college experience and foster connections. See below for more information about the program. You can also learn more by contacting the CLL office.

Summer Bridge

This unique experiential community building program focuses on the following:

  • College transition skill building:
    • How to think, read and write critically for college courses
    • How to approach your studies
    • How to understand the expectations of being part of a college community
    • Introduction to CLL, SFC 0040 instructor(s) and the campus
Fall Semester
Access Class (SFC 040):
  • Introduce Basic Writing and Research Methods (APA/MLA)
  • Improve upon academic writing conventions and composing strategies.
  • Students will develop an understanding of fundamental grammatical principles, the revision process, and citation rules.
  • Students will demonstrate critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • Students will develop student agency and be introduced to student support offices
  • Students will be able to evaluate the quality of their own writing, assessing areas of strength and potential for growth.

Throughout the year, Project Access Students participate in several events meant to enrich their college experience and foster connections between their professors and each other. Experiential learning opportunities include:

  • Attending Lectures
  • Participation in a lunch n learn series
  • Journaling sessions
  • Community service opportunities
  • Cultural experiences

Monthly program meet-ups during the semester:

  • Start of the semester reception
  • Support Office mixers
  • Mid-semester “check-in”
  • End of Semester Celebration
Spring Semester
  • Monthly Support & Student Engagement Meetups
  • End of Year Reception
  • Announcement and Presentation of Access Scholars Scholarship
  • Honoring of Access Graduates

Access students are strongly encouraged to attend weekly tutoring sessions in the college’s Center for Learning and Leadership during their first year.

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