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A Catholic Charities Experience

By Serene Arana

May 2024

My volunteer experience at Catholic Charities of Brooklyn and Queens (CCBQ) introduced me to an interdisciplinary and diverse social work environment that directly impacts people’s lives. The CCBQ support opportunities span a multitude of services:

Catholic Charities introduced me to the legal and sustainable work they do. I distributed food sourced from their food pantry, alongside Sister Ancy Jacob, who was knowledgeable and mentoring. I was then invited into a detailed legal dialogue between Deacon Joseph and Esquire Kary where I learned parts of the Asylum application process that helps immigrants find opportunities. I was introduced to Richard Slizeski, Senior Vice President of Mission and learned about intern opportunities.

From my service, I noticed that Catholic Charities fosters a unique approach to fulfilling the needs of the Brooklyn population. I viewed firsthand the gratitude people left with, knowing that there is a place where they and their families are heard and helped. It is most gratifying to participate, learn and grow through service. The Franciscan Service Program will help me develop operational and leadership skills that I will apply in my career, while I expand my professional network to serve in the future.

“It is most gratifying to participate, learn and grow through service.”

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