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Prayer Wall

Our St. Francis College community has always gathered as people of faith in times of joy and sorrow. St. Francis and St. Clare of Assisi recognized that pain is a very real part of our lives and our community is an essential source of comfort and strength, offering us sustenance and support during challenging days, and reminding us of the transformative power of faith in the Divine.

This space has been designated as a place to remember those we love who have passed away. It also serves as an area where we will be able to continue to pray for the sick, and offer our prayers of thanksgiving and gratitude for those who have recovered.

Please email us at [email protected] or click the button below to submit your prayer intention, and the St. Francis College community along with the Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn will keep them in our daily prayers.

Saints of God, come to their aid!
Hasten to meet them, angels of the Lord!
Receive their souls and present them to God the Most High.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord,
And let perpetual light shine upon them.
May they rest in peace. Amen.

Almighty God, as we ask your help and care for our sisters and brothers,
help us to be healing people in our time and place.
May your love touch others through us,
and may we help all people to live in peace.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.


  • Carlos Marmolejo, grandfather of Kayla Garcia, SFC '20
  • William Ahern, SFC '80 and graduate of Saint Francis Prep
  • Mary Keane Spiess, SFC '77 wife of Peter Spiess, SFC' 75
  • The father of Janessa Francois, an SFC student
  • Maryann Sacco, cousin of Marija Wierzbicki, Advancement Associate & Assistant to the Vice President for Advancement at SFC
  • Michele (Mike) Armenia, uncle of Corinne Smolizza, Assistant Director, Faculty Center for Technology & Curriculum Development, Lecturer of Management & Information Technology at SFC
  • Mr. Joseph Buonomo, SFC '64
  • Ms. Sarah Williams, SFC '78
  • Mr. James Murphy, brother-in-law of Diane M., SFC '75 and Robert J., SFC '77 Trapp & Gerard, SFC '78 and Patricia A., SFC '78 Trapp
  • Mr. Antonio Genovese, grandfather of an SFC student
  • Ms. Audrey Jackson, family of Kassandra Cortes, SFC, '21
  • Mr. John McGuinness, father of Dierdre McGuinness, SFC '22
  • Mrs. Antoinette Lupola, grandmother of Nikolas Carneglia-Lupola, SFC '21
  • Mr. Ramon Ferreira, uncle of Eileen Ferreira, SFC '21
  • Mr. Wilfredo Ignacio, uncle of Ron Trinidad, SFC '23
  • Mr. Leonidas Uruchima, uncle of an SFC student
  • Ms. Nancy Dawson
  • Mrs. Veronica P. Smith, mother of Mr. Bob Smith, '72, President of SFC Alumni Board
  • Mrs. Georgette Senn, mother-in-law of Mrs. Donna Mis, '85
  • Mr. Harold Blackwell, father of Mr. Chad Davis, '02, SFC Tennis Coach
  • Mr. Leszel Pickura, father of Mr. Dominick Pickura, SFC Class of 2023
  • Ms. Eileen Isaacs, mother of Ms. Christeen Edwards, Secretary of Facilities Management and grandmother of Fantasia Isaacs ‘18, Administrative Assistant, Document Services
  • Mr. Ralph J. Marino, brother of Mr. Joseph Marino, Senior Adjunct Lecturer of Philosophy
  • Mr. Russell Emanuel Moody, father of Ms. Shervon Anderson, Student Loan Administrator in the Financial Aid Office
  • Ms. Helen Williams, mother of Mr. Anthony Williams ’05, Senior Adjunct Lecturer of English
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Lindroth Fitzpatrick
  • Mr. Cleveland Williams, brother-in-law of Ms. Sandra Williams, SFC Hospitality
  • Murray Schwartz, father of Wendy Schwartz, SFC '89 and Tracy Schwartz, SFC, '96
  • Joseph E. Pahl, SFC '72, survived by his wife Mercedes Pahl. Mr. Pahl was the nephew of Bro Urban Gonnoud, OSF, SFC '42 and past president of St. Francis College
  • Anthony S. Cassino, SFC '66 survived by his wife Patricia Cassino
  • Jeffery Guttentag, cousin of Linda Werbel Dashefsky, Vice President for Government & Community Relations
  • Manuel Guttierrez, father of Jessica Guttierrez, SFC student
  • Carlo Anthony Francavilla, grandfather of Danielle, SFC '19 and Giovanni, SFC '23 Francavilla
  • Elizabeth Farmer, friend of James Errico, Assistant Director of Engagement, SFC Advancement Office
  • Nancy White, mother of Edward H. White of the National Grid Foundation
  • Rose DiChiacchio, mother of Judy Rice, SFC '79 and member of the SFC Board of Trustees
  • Patrick McGoldrick, grandfather of Michael McGoldrick, SFC '22
  • Larry Jordan, relative of Leigh Fanning, of Hanover Research
  • Marie Luciano, grandmother of Marissa Mascioli. Marissa is a partner-in-mission at SFC and works at All Type Marketing.
  • Vanessa Testani, cousin of Corinne Smolizza, Assistant Director, Faculty Center for Technology and Curriculum Development & Lecturer, Department of Management and Information Technology
  • John O'Connor, SFC '67
  • Charles Harris, SFC '63
  • Vincent A. D'Angelo
  • Inez Beavney Farrell, grandmother of Marlon Seaton, Adjunct Professor of Mathematics at SFC
  • William Hinchey
  • Gerard H. Gannon, SFC '60
  • Patrick G. Heaney
  • Carmen Aquilone, wife of Ed Aquilone, retired Director of Athletics at SFC
  • Paula Harney, mother-in-law of Thomas Flood, Vice President for Advancement
  • Dr. Ydelfonso Decoo
  • Dr. Jesus Zambrano
  • Dr. Salvador Castells
  • Dr. Reza Chowdhury
  • Elda Ziko, NP
  • Dr. Ruben Moronto, DDS
  • Ashraf Metwally, MD
  • Mark Allen Respler
  • Urena Harrell, NP
  • Billy Williams, brother of Anthony Williams, SFC English Department
  • Edicer Gonzalez, grandfather of Ruben Gonzalez, SFC '04, Assistant Dean for Students
  • Chief Charles Robert Thacker
  • Nancy D'Antuono Nicotera, sister of Professor Anne D'Antuono, SFC Nursing Department
  • Timothy Deshawn Davis, brother of Romello Rogers, SFC '19, SFC Admissions
  • David Seitz
  • Thomas Pagliuca, father of Victoria Pagliuca SFC '22
  • Rev. Mark A. Hirniak, father of Dr. Alexandria Egler, Executive Director of Mission, Ministry & Interfaith Dialogue
  • Robert Reall, stepfather of Linda Cimino, Head Women's Basketball Coach
  • Erma Dilyard, mother of Dr. John Dilyard, Professor of Management
  • Priscilla Blanchette
  • Akemi Balde
  • Margaret M. Ciesinski, mother of Benjamin Ciesinski, Assistant Director of Annual Giving
  • Nicholas Trani, former Head Softball Coach at SFC
  • Cynthia Lewis, mother of Charlyn Habeeb, SFC Nursing Faculty
  • Angelo Nogara, father of Dr. Carmine Nogara, SFC Professor and Chair of Accounting and Business Law
  • Cynthia Gibbons
  • Evelin Hernandez Torres, mother of Stephen Gardino
  • Barbara Esposito
  • James Gray Sr., father-in-law of Kathleen Gray, SFC AVP of Academic Affairs
  • Jane Helen Owen
  • Donna Odiase, mother-in-law of Edwin Mathieu, SFC Web Publisher
  • Bro. James McVeigh, OSF, Franciscan Brother of Brooklyn
  • George Albert Whittaker, father of Jason Whittaker, SFC '06, SFC Associate Director of Support Services
  • Tara McCarthy
  • Dr. Dennis R. DePerro
  • Paul Gaither
  • Livio Smolizza, father-in-law of Corinne Smolizza, Instructional Designer and Director of Online Learning & Instructional Technology
  • Daniel Bardzell, grandfather of Gregory Bardzell, SFC Assistant Director of Success Partnerships
  • Carmine Lombardi, grandfather of Valerie Alfinito, SFC '11, Assistant Director of Financial Aid
  • John Loconsolo
  • Louis Pastina, Sr.
  • John P. Rishe, SFC '64
  • Freddy Riedinger
  • Joseph Lombardo, father of John Lombardo, SFC Professor of Accounting & Business Law
  • Desiré Reid Modestin, grandmother of Marlina Reid, Donor Relations Assistant, SFC Advancement Office
  • Amha Eshete, father of Makeda Amha, SFC Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Phyllis Berman and Jeffrey Berman, grandmother and uncle of Rob DeVita, SFC Director of Athletic Communications
  • Boris Posavec, SFC '21
  • Richie Pierre, stepson of Jolicoeur Fenelon, SFC Facilities
  • Ms. Cynthia Pearson, sister of Walt Pearson, SFC '83, member of the Board of Trustees
  • Ralph DiMeglio, father-in-law of Danielle DiMeglio, SFC Professor of Accounting & Business Law
  • Jim Hopkins
  • Doreen Zuccaro, SFC '91
  • Dr. Steven Lipson, SFC Professor of Biology
  • Roy Reardon, SFC '51


  • Marianna Panetta, SFC '82
  • Mr. George Jelinek, grandfather of Sarah Pulvidente, SFC '21
  • Mrs. Marilyn Davis, mother of Mr. Chad Davis, SFC'02, SFC Tennis Coach
  • Mrs. Eva Pickura, mother of Mr. Dominick Pickura, SFC '23
  • Mr. Anthony Gradilone, SFC '12
  • Oliver Polito
  • Lawrence Moringiello
  • Barbara Collins Brooks
  • Orville Dale
  • Frank Silvestri, SFC '53
  • Dr. Joseph Frey, SFC '51
  • Ervin Gayle
  • Matthew Perez, SFC '21
  • The Soto Family
  • Jonathan Aucone
  • Gerald A. Curtin, Jr.
  • Paul and Diana Orilio
  • Winnie Spencer
  • Audrey Imbriaco
  • Gloria Francis
  • Michael F. McGoldrick
  • William J. Ryan, SFC '65
  • Sr. Helen Kearny, CSJ
  • Roy Reardon
  • Peggi Einhorn
  • Marion Napier
  • The father of Ana Paula Montes de Oca, SFC '21
  • Rev. Ciaran Fergus, OP, SFC '57
  • Martin McNally, SFC '63
  • Ned Gaudette
  • Simone Girard
  • Edgar Mejias
  • Joe Malewich
  • Frank D'Apice


  • Mrs. Marion Jelinek, grandmother of Sarah Pulvidente, SFC '21
  • Richard Betro, relative of Timothy Nagy, Assistant Director of Mission, Ministry & Interfaith Dialogue

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