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Reporting an incident to the Title IX office means that you are on record with the College so that we can take steps to ensure your safety and the safety of the community.

You are encouraged to report any sexual or gender-based harassment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, intimate partner violence or stalking to the Title IX office. Even if you were not directly involved, and even if you would prefer to remain anonymous, you can still report the incident. Please share whatever information you are comfortable sharing. Even if you do not know all of the relevant details, please complete the form below to the best of your ability.

All information submitted will be reviewed by the Title IX office, and we will reach out to the person affected by the incident to offer assistance and options.

EmergencyCampus SecurityTitle IX CoordinatorCounseling
CALL 911CALL 718-489-5333CALL 718-489-2019CALL 718-489-5335

St. Francis College Reporting Form

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