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Voter Registration

Welcome to the St. Francis College Voter Registration page. You'll find instructions here on how to register to vote.

SFC actively promotes student voter registration for two main reasons:

  • The reauthorization of the Higher Education Act in 1998 requires colleges and universities to make a good faith effort to distribute voter registration forms to students.
  • Registering and voting are actions of an informed citizenry, which is a key goal within the College's Mission Statement.

Qualifications to Register to Vote (NY):

  • Be a United States citizen;
  • Be 18 years old by December 31 of the year in which you file a form (note: you must be 18 years old by the date of the general, primary or other election in which you want to vote);
  • Live at your present address at least 30 days before an election;
  • Not be in prison or on parole for a felony conviction and;
  • Not be adjudged mentally incompetent by a court;
  • Not claim the right to vote elsewhere.

Information on voter registration deadlines from the New York State Board of Elections

You can ask for a hard copy registration form in the Office of Student Activities (Room 2305).

Start the Registration Process Right Now!

CLICK HERE to register to Vote.

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