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Self-Service Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid has implemented Self-Service Financial Aid, which allows you to know where you are in the financial aid process, the next steps required, and other important details. This easy-to-use tool will help you:

  • Understand the financial aid you have been offered.
  • Know what you need to do in the financial aid process and when you need to do it.
  • Accept or decline offered financial aid.

About Financial Aid Self Service
Financial Aid Self Service is a secure interactive online financial aid tool which guides you step-by-step through the financial aid process.

This easy-to-use online application provides you with a dashboard-like view of your financial aid file. You can:

  • Check to see that we have received your FAFSA.
  • View the status of your financial aid file.
  • Review any documents that you need to submit to us.
  • Accept or decline loans.
  • Sign your award letter electronically to accept your entire financial aid package.

Accessing Financial Aid Self Service
In order to access Financial Aid Self-Service, you'll need your SFC Username and ID that the college has created for you.  If you have any questions or issues with your SFC Username and ID you may contact the SFC IT help desk at 718-489-5444 or email

Please follow the steps below to access your Financial Aid information online using Financial Aid Self Service.

  1. To log into Self-Service Financial Aid, please go to the student Portal and click the Self-Service icon in the APPS section, and then click the Financial Aid box.
  2. Enter your SFC User Name and Password.
  3. Review your personalized Financial Aid checklist for documents needed and action items.
  4. If there are documents needed, click on any documents needed to hyperlink directly to print the required form(s) for completion.  We cannot issue a final award to you until we have received all of the documents requested on your financial aid checklist.

Stay Organized With a Checklist
The Self-Service Financial Aid main page displays a checklist that specifies the steps necessary to complete the financial aid process, in sequence, for the 2019-2020 financial aid year.

In addition, this helpful checklist shows the current total amount of federal student loan debt, according to the National Student Loan Data System, as well as helpful links to sites, such as Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and, where Entrance Counseling and the Master Promissory Note (MPN) can be accessed.

Accepting your Financial Aid Awards and Award Letter
You will have to accept your award(s) in order for financial aid to disburse. The first step is to accept or decline all offered awards. To print a PDF copy of your award letter, the acceptance process must be completed first (paper signed award letters will not be accepted, all aid must be accepted through the portal).

To accept or decline your offered Stafford Student Loans and Parent Loans, complete the following steps in Self-Service Financial Aid:

  1. Check your SFC email for a notification that your award letter is ready to review.
  2. Please log into Self-Service and select the Financial Aid tab.
  3. Select "Review and Accept Your Financial Aid Award Package."
  4. Here you may accept the entire loan or decline the entire loan. Otherwise simply select "Accept" or "Decline" under each loan offered.
  5. If you are a first time Stafford student loan borrower at St. Francis College, you will need to complete Stafford Loan Entrance Counseling and the Master Promissory Note at Self-Service will prompt you to complete these requirements, if needed, in the Loan Requirement Checklist section.
  6. If you are accepting the Federal Parent Plus loan at St. Francis College, you will need to complete the parent loan credit check the Master Promissory Note at
  7. Once you have accepted or declined all offered awards, you may proceed to accept your Award Letter.
  8. Once steps 1 through 6 are complete The Office of Financial Aid can then move ahead and process your awards.

We encourage you to log into Self-Service today and navigate through the features. We want you to be confident and empowered in making financial decisions while at St. Francis College!

If you have any questions regarding the new Self- Service Financial Aid please feel free to contact our office at 718.489.5255 or email us at