A St. Francis College student stands in front of 180 Remsen Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Student Leadership and Professional Development

This initiative will spearhead the inception and execution of a comprehensive student leadership and professional development experience at St. Francis College, led by the Assistant Director of Student Leadership and Professional Development.

This will include the creation, facilitation and assessment of a Student Leadership Academy. This work will allow for a broader scope of intervention in student retention and significantly increase collaboration. Currency, this work will live within the Academic Enhancement Center.


  1. Student Leadership Academy: The Leadership Academy will be a comprehensive, 4 year, student leadership experience that will focus on three key pillars; (1) academic excellence, (2) career and professional preparedness and (3) personal and leadership development.
  • Annual student leadership conference.
  • Cross train student leaders from all areas of campus.
  • Produce and apply a student-centered professional development curriculum, including academic success, career exploration, professional development and leadership.
  1. Onboarding and the First Year Experience
  • Academic Student Leadership Team
    • 18 total student leaders
      • SFC 1001 Peer Mentors
      • Student Representatives
      • Mental Health Peer Advocates
  • SFC 1001: First Year Seminar
    • Curriculum and special projects
      • Title IX
      • Allyship: How To Show Up For Humans Different From Yourself
      • Direct Service Project
    • Instructor support
    • Peer Mentor training
  1. Leadership Training & Professional Development Programs
  • Provide customized workshops, seminars and programming for any department or office on campus by request.
  • Create and facilitate a shared experience for student leaders; including significant cross training, professional development, community building events, service learning and direct action projects.
  • Provide intensive student professional development to students at all levels in one-on-one, small group, workshop and full-day, large group event formats.
  • Support training and professional development for student employees across campus.
  • Coordinate with faculty, staff, administrators, community members, local businesses and nonprofits to host events and carry out projects in support of student learning and leadership development.