The main building of St. Francis College

Visitor Policy

Considerations For Visitors When They Are In The College
The health and safety of our campus community and our visitors has been our top priority during the COVID -19 pandemic. As restrictions in New York are being lifted, we are now slowly and safely opening our campus. We know there are many questions about what that will look like, so we have outlined the safety and precautionary measures are taking. St. Francis College will begin welcoming visitors to our campus, as per the visitor policy outlined below. We ask that you follow our safety guidelines so that we may protect your health and that of our faculty, staff and students.

Those guidelines include: All guests must be registered prior arriving to campus in the Special events MS Office calendar and will be required to complete the COVID-19 Visitor Screening Form 24 hours in advance. Visitor’s name, email, cell phone must be included in the Microsoft Outlook Calendar request. Masks must be worn inside the campus. Upon entrance, visitors must show health screening clearance and proceed to register your temperature reading with the temperature Kiosk and then check in with the Security Guard at the Lobby Desk.

The College monitors visitors’ access to the campus by checking visitors into the EZ Lobby system as guests or visitors. The office or department that the visitor is on campus to see must escort the visitor from arrival through departure. Once business is concluded, the host will escort the guest to the main lobby to be checked out in the EZ Lobby visitor software at the Security Desk. Any visitors to the campus will be expected to comply with the health and safety and social distancing protocols identified in our re-open plan.

All visitors must maintain social distance from others while on campus. Facilities has spaced out some furniture, meeting rooms, and open spaces, marked seating and have added markings in areas where individuals may be waiting for services. All visitors must complete the health screening and we ask that no one comes to campus if they are exhibiting and COVID -19 symptoms (cough, shortness of breath, fever, chills, sore throat, loss of taste/ smell). Hand sanitizer is available at the entrances and by classrooms for campus community use. 

Contractor Visits 
All Contractors expecting to have their personnel on St. Francis College campus must register with the college. Facilities Management and Security will be notified of all contractor visits and schedule contractor visits in their departmental calendar. Contractors will provide Scope of Work depicting time frame and area(s) of work, and the names of their employees that will be working on the project. Contractors must certify that all their employees will follow recommended Health guidelines for safe access and presence on campus. Contractors must pre-screen their employees prior to authorizing them to report to campus and ensure that their employees are familiar with college processes regarding protective measures. St. Francis College may verify their information and enforce PPE requirements. St. Francis College will make exceptions for emergency work that needs to be performed. 

Admission Visits
Family visits to campus are limited to two parents and a prospective student. Visits must be registered with Security/Facilities Management. All tours will be provided by Admissions’ Counselors limiting to one family per tour. High times, events, etc. will be considered and approved by Facilities Management/Security. 

Exception Requests
Requests for access to campus by other populations will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Requests should be sent to which is monitored by the Facilities Management Team: Kevin O’Rourke, Denise Vieni, Lance Mincey, and David Loutfi at least 24 hours prior to the desired visit and will be reviewed by Facilities Management and Security. Urgent requests may be communicated by a Cabinet Member to the Facilities Management and Security teams.