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SFC Alerts

Emergency Information Wherever You Are, Immediately

What is SFC Alerts?
SFCAlerts is St. Francis College's urgent notification system. It allows us to send emergency and urgent information to students, faculty, and staff in a variety of ways like text messages, phone calls and instant messages.

Students, Faculty & Staff go to the mySFC portal to update your contact info.

How will I be contacted?

  • Text messages (SMS) to mobile devices
  • Instant messages (AOL, MSN, and Yahoo)
  • Calls to home, office, or mobile phone numbers
  • E-mails to SFC address & non-SFC addresses

Why should I update my information?
SFCAlerts will only work if we have the best, most up-to-date contact information for you. You get to choose the way you want to receive urgent notifications. The system also allows us to leave messages for you if you are not near a computer or phone.

Will this just let SFC spam me?
Absolutely not. You will only receive an SFCAlert for school-wide disruptions, like school closures or evacuations.

How do I sign up?
We have the information you provided on your application to St. Francis College and the SFC email we created for you, but we know some of your information has changed and that you have a preference on how you want to be contacted. We ask you to simply update your information through the mySFC portal. Click on the SFCAlerts icon in the top left corner.

How does it work?
During an urgent situation, the SFCAlerts system will begin cycling through your points of contact and deliver the alert. When you receive the message it is very important that you confirm receipt when prompted. If no confirmation is received, SFC Alerts will continue cycling through your points of contact until you do respond.