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Message From President Miguel Martinez-Saenz

By reading this you are making a powerful statement about your place in the world and the world you want to see in the future. Having the freedom to choose a college means that you have the opportunity to choose the life that you want to live. That is an amazing opportunity that 99 percent of the people on the planet do not have.

As you investigate your college options and plot your path forward, I ask you to remember how fortunate you are to be in this position. Choose wisely.

At St. Francis College we know that shepherding you through college is an awesome responsibility. We are committed to teaching you the skills you need to succeed in a world that is fast-paced and changing even faster. In the heart of Brooklyn, a beautiful neighborhood in the biggest city in the world, we are an oasis that gives you the space to adapt and grow in the midst of the chaos and cacophony that is our world.

Embracing fully our history, a history rooted in Catholic and Franciscan tradition, we remain compelled to keeping the existential questions front and center so that we help build a strong public imagination among members of our community by promoting dialogue about things that matter.

Additionally, being faithfully rooted in the Franciscan tradition means that we expect all members of the community to reflect critically and contemplate morally and deliberately in a manner that illustrates a commitment to justice and service to others, with an expressed preferential concern for the poor and socially vulnerable.

Even though it is easy to espouse our values, we must strive always to be living examples of our values. Learning to live in a complex and ever-changing world and endeavoring to understand more fully the pressing issues of our day, we should aspire to make a concerted effort to be living examples of mercy, compassion and hospitality. Of significance, we should remain open to learning from our neighbors, understanding all the while that our humanity binds us in irrevocable ways; mysterious ways perhaps, but ways that demand of us that we respect, unambiguously, the dignity and worth of each being.

There is little doubt that St. Francis College can help put you on the road to a successful career; our graduates continue to make a significant difference in NYC and beyond across all the professions. Yet, our biggest concern is that you will develop into a human being of high-moral character with an unflinching devotion to self and others. So, whether you strive to be an accountant, a nurse, a financier, a doctor, a teacher, a social worker or an artist, I ask that you always stay mindfully aware that it is in giving that we receive.

In Peace and Friendship,

Miguel Martinez-Saenz, Ph.D.

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