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SFC Green

SFC Recycling Program

St. Francis College is now sorting and recycling all waste.

All garbage cans have been removed from classrooms and offices, meaning all trash is now sorted and disposed of at recycling stations located on every floor.

Locations of Recycling Bins

  • Main Floor
  • Second Floor


Consistent with Franciscan principles, we are continuously exploring ways to reduce our negative impact on the environment and promote sustainability and ecological responsibility among the St. Francis College community.

Green Initiatives

St. Francis College's commitment to Green Initiatives is reflected by some of the projects and intentional decisions described below. However, we aim for this list to be much longer than can be displayed here. "Care for Creation" is a Franciscan value that underpins our mission to responsible citizenship and commitment to the environment. This reflection of love for all living things and our interdependent relationship with the Earth will continue to drive the good work already begun.

Facilities Management

  • Water bottle filling stations have been installed in various locations at the College, featuring a digital counter reflecting over 75,000 plastic water bottles not being wasted.
  • Full recycling stations installed throughout the entire campus.
  • New classrooms are equipped with motion sensors that turn turn lights off automatically, if left on when not in use.
  • Renovated areas of the college use high efficiency lighting (fluorescent, T5 or T8, LED).
  • New carpet at the College is produced from used and reclaimed vinyl-backed carpet.
  • New tile flooring installed at the college is PVC free and contains 10% post-industrial waste and 10% natural rubber.
  • The College uses biodegradable ceiling panels, when possible, that are made from regionally sourced raw materials.
  • Cleaning staff uses environmentally friendly products.
  • New direct gas fired chillers on the roof for air conditioning are twice as efficient as the low-pressure steam chillers they replaced.
  • New boilers in the basement are burning cleaner and about 10% more efficient (same gas input but a higher thermal output).
  • New fume hoods in science labs are low flow, for improved containment, safety, and energy conservation.
  • New pool filtering system requires less chlorine usage.
  • Food Service has discontinued use of all Styrofoam materials.

Information Technology
*Changed hardware to single units in several computer labs, which cuts power consumption by more than half.
*The IT acquisitions process includes consideration for reduced power consumption, which is not only greener but also reflects longer life and better performance of hardware.
*Using certified recyclers for disposal of hardware.
*Currently exploring default network printer configurations for double-sided printing and share printers, where possible.

Get Involved

We welcome all those passionate about a Greener SFC to get involved!

Students who want to learn more, please contact
Ruben Gonzalez

Faculty/Admin/Staff who are interested in helping out and/or want to share their past, current or future green initiatives on campus, contact Bro. Gregory Cellini, OSF

In the News

The Blessing of the Gowanus (NY Times)

Green in Brooklyn

The Brooklyn "Green" Heatmap developed by Rentenna, charts the borough's trees, green spaces and farmers' markets. Click on the map for a larger version.


EarthShare New York
A comprehensive list of respected and responsible environmental and conservation organizations in New York.

Franciscans International
A non-governmental organization with United Nations General Consultative Status whose focus includes a sustainable environment.

Franciscan Earth Corps
A national network of young adults engaging in Franciscan spirituality and action.

Care for Creation [a franciscan spirituality of the earth]
A book by Br. Keith Douglass Warner, OFM, that draws from the Franciscan tradition to address our contemporary environmental crises.

Green SFC Committee

Bro. Gregory Cellini, OSF, Franciscan Advisor
John Dilyard, Associate Professor of Management
Alexandria Egler, PhD, Executive Director, Office of Mission, Ministry & Interfaith Dialogue
Ruben Gonzalez, Associate Dir of Student Activities
Kevin O'Rourke, AVP of Facilities Management

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