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Political Science BA

Political Science, B.A.

Students who pursue a bachelor’s in Political Science from St. Francis College will investigate how individuals, groups and nations interact with others. Political Science analyzes how conflict is managed by the various parties. Political Science has many areas of inquiry including: American Government and Law, Comparative Politics, International Relations and Public Administration/Public Policy.

The department offers both traditional and behavioral approaches. The Traditional School utilizes legal, historical, and philosophical tools to analyze and evaluate political institutions and processes. The Behavioral School employs the scientific method, which includes problem recognition, hypotheses formation, data gathering, and forming conclusions.

The B.A. in Political Science provides students with skills necessary for careers in law, government, education, business, and the not-for-profit arena. In addition, it provides students with the tools to make informed and logical decisions in both their professional careers and in their personal lives.

Underlying the focused, outcomes-driven curriculum is SFC's robust General Education Program, which is the cornerstone of SFC and affirms its mission to graduate educated, well-rounded individuals who enter the workforce and work to change and culturally diversify the world.


Political Science students learn critical thinking skills in logic, writing, and analysis, which are needed to succeed in law, politics, advocacy, and public relations. These skills also build a solid foundation for careers in public policy in local, state, and national government.

The development of these skills – paired with faculty support and robust networks – lead to internships at law firms; city, state, and U.S. courts; government offices in NYC, NY State, and the U.S. Congress; and non-governmental organizations, such as the United Nations.


St. Francis College students receive the enhanced Terrier 360 system of wrap-around support from day one to after graduation. Within the robust support, students gain in-depth insight and guidance to academic, internship, and career path options via the Center for Student Success, Center for Career Exploration, and Center for Learning and Leadership.

Other opportunities include internships with some of the numerous museums and historical societies in New York City; a summer study abroad program; participation in the Model United Nations; and activities through the St. Thomas More Pre-Law Society such as mock trials, lawyers’ luncheon, LSAT preparation, and workshop on applying to law schools.


Qualified students seeking an additional academic challenge can participate in the St. Francis Honors Program, where students participate in a series of small, intensive seminars, trips, and other activities that lead towards a senior thesis.

The College is also home to 15 national honor societies and its own Duns Scotus Honors Society which recognizes students for their academic and community achievements.



Students majoring in Political Science may choose to concentrate in American Government or Comparative Politics.

The full curriculum can be found here.

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