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Clubs & Organizations

The Student Government Association acts as the liaison for the student body; communicating any sentiments, ideas, or beliefs to the faculty members and administrators.

Additionally, the Student Government is responsible for organizing, coordinating, and promoting events on campus, provides assistance, guidance, and funding to clubs and organizations, and also participates in meetings regarding campus affairs in order to implement policy changes that determine how the institution is run.


Ruben Gonzalez

Associate Dean of Student Affairs


[email protected]
Maliek SterrettDirector of Multicultural Student Affairs718.489.2057[email protected]

Academic Clubs

Accounting Society

The Accounting Society was created for the purpose of further equipping students the knowledge and a community that goes beyond the classroom. It achieves so by inviting guest speakers who currently work in the field to share their insight with students. Speakers range from Public Accounting firms, the private industry, regulating agencies, and CPA review course providers. The Society creates an opportunity for students to network with guest speakers in the field, as well as share internship and full-time job opportunities. In hopes of promoting the schools Franciscan Spirit, the Society will make the effort to volunteer and participate in charitable work.

Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneur Club at St Francis College brings together the most creative action orientated student entrepreneurs in a community where ideas flow freely and new ventures grow. Meetings are an open forum for all St Francis College students to discuss their latest business ideas, find business partners and interact with experienced entrepreneurs. The club will host speakers, provide mentorship to club members, give presentations and through lectures, panel discussions, interactive workshops will help students gain unique insight and connections to the world of venturing.

Education Club

The Education Society is an organization dedicated to bettering the lives of NYC's youth through education and involvement. We work with children, students and non-for-profit organizations across NYC. Some of last school years’ events included a very successful toy drive for Quality Services for Children with Autism and an equally successful school supply drive/ book fair/ raffle event that we worked together on with District 7 of the South Bronx to motivate and encourage their students as well as parents to be involved in education and community. The Education Society plans to continue working with different school districts, non-for-profit organizations, and children's hospitals. Although this is the education society, you do not need to be an education major to join! We encourage students of all different majors to get on board with our mission to educate and motivate.

Finance Club

We are a student-run club that assists SFC students in understanding job opportunities available in the financial marketplace and get a better knowledge of the finance world. We are a professional club working in a conjunction with the Career Center to help in learning about and pursuing a career in finance. In the past, we took SFC students on field trips to the New York Stock Exchange, the American Museum of Finance, etc. We organized workshops on critical topics such as resume enhancement and credit cards. We also invited professionals from various financial institutions to the school, so the students could network with and learn directly from them about the finance industry.

International Cultural Studies Club

The International Cultural Studies Club (ICSC) facilitates major and career explorations across global markets and community partnerships.

National Association of Black Accountants

The purpose of the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) is to promote and develop the professional skills of our members, encourage and assist minority students entering accounting to ensure long-term financial stability, and provide adequate resources to implement chapter, regional, and national programs. Our club is striving to get members exposure to the benefits of NABA, which are scholarships, career opportunities, networking, and growing our club.

Pre-Medical and Health Promotions Club

The Pre-Medical & Health Promotions club is open to all students interested in pursuing a career in health care. The club's purpose is to prepare members for their future careers in medicine. Our main goal is to engage all members in different events that will further their knowledge in their specific career interests while still having fun and building our community. During the year, we will have various events tailored to different careers in medicine, including talks with current doctors, medical school students, veterinarians, PAs, and many more! We also want to help students prepare for applying to graduate school, so we will have workshops to help with interviews, personal statements, and preparing for standardized exams. At the same time, we will also have some fun community-building events such as medical trivia and board game nights!

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club is a club that is open to all majors. Our main goal is to have fun and educate one in the mysteries that lie behind the human psyche, behavior, and mental processes. During the upcoming year, we will have fun games and activities along with epic collaborations with all the clubs on campus. We will help make your club experience at St. Francis College go from a 0 to 100 real quick! Activities include and are not limited to the following: Psych Mixers, Mini talent shows, Psycho week (a week of cathartic release and frustration, mostly due to midterms and exams), Awesome Game shows (which will include collaboration with multiple clubs) Freudian Slip Bake Sales, Loose change drive, Mental awareness week, and a Psychology Scrapbook filled with memories, good times, and much more… At the same time, Psychology majors will learn more information on Psi Chi Honor Society and the requirements that are needed to apply. Join us and come on out to the Psychology Club and LET’S GET PSYCHED!

St. Thomas More Pre-Law Society

The St. Thomas Pre-Law Society’s mission is to forward the good and honorable passion for law, to cultivate and inspire such passion in others, and to enable those who desire to practice, the opportunity of aid and support in the realization of their dream. Certain events include Constitution Day, Mock Trials (where jury, defense, and prosecution are played by society members; and judge, Society Alumni), guest speakers of the profession who share experience and wisdom, and preparation for the LSAT.

Cultural Clubs

African Students Association

The purpose of this organization is to provide a space for those who have an interest in exploring the identity and history of African culture. We hope to offer members a better understanding of the African culture as a whole by introducing them to the social values, religion, morals, political values, economics and aesthetic values, dances, Music, Language, General Knowledge, and more. Provide a space for those who have an interest in exploring the identity and history of African culture. We hope to be a platform where students can learn social, professional, personal development and leadership to build a warm community where students can express themselves and gain friendship and mutual understanding among their peers, and celebrate being African in America.

Albanian Roots Club

The Albanian Roots is a club whose focus is celebrating the Albanian culture in our Franciscan community. Not only we foster the caring spirit of belongingness amongst our Albanian student body, but we also introduce parts of our rich legacy to the domestic/international student body as well. The primary goal of ARC is preserving the heritage we carry on for centuries, regardless of studying overseas. The club is preoccupied with hosting many interactive activities, crucial information that answers the needs& questions of our foreign students, and ultimately providing a wonderful college experience despite the many miles away from home.

Asian Society

Our goal is to share the Asian culture to the students of St. Francis College. We want to help unite the Asian population at SFC as well as anyone who wants to learn more about Asian culture! Lately, one of our missions has been to bring light to hate crimes against Asians. We hold many events like movie viewings, trivia/jeopardy games as well as celebrate Asian holidays!

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union (BSU) at St. Francis College shall endeavor to establish and promote interaction among black students. In addition, the BSU shall endeavor to promote interaction among all members of St. Francis College. We recognize both the need for unity among black students and a strong relationship among all students. We promote the political, social, and cultural health and love of the community in general as our organization is open to the entire student body of Saint Francis College. The BSU will strive to organize venues and channels to address the issues that pose a strain on the community, mainly the black community. The BSU ultimately strives to strengthen and spread awareness of the relationship and love between the Black community and the entire St. Francis Community.

Caribbean & the Haitian Students Association

Our mission statement is to teach the St. Francis College Community about the great aspects of the Caribbean Community. We want to make a change in the way people view the Caribbean culture. We strive to maintain equality and respect of the different cultures as well as bring awareness to the cultural diversity here on campus. The Caribbean Student Association strives to educate the SFC community about Caribbean culture and diversity. We want to make a difference by showing the community that the people of the Caribbean not only want to fete but also want to be helpers. We have created an awareness project that will benefit those in need living in the Caribbean. We do this by hosting a lot of Fundraisers and having a lot of fun at cultural events. This includes mini carnivals, food tastings and other exciting things that you have to see once you join the club! Our main events are our annual dance class and culture show. The dance class consists of one of the dancers that we see every day on social media sites. The decision of the dancer is up to the group and it is a great opportunity to learn about the different dances and types of music that we dance to. The culture show demonstrates the talent of the Caribbean Culture and everything is live so it feels like you are actually in the Caribbean. For More information: Follow us on Instagram: sfc_csa


We strive to create a safe and brave space for LGBTQIAP+ humans to meet and support one another. This is a space for anyone who self identifies as LGBTQIAP+ and wants to meet like-minded humans who want a home to build bonds and friendships with each other. In this space, we will engage in building connections, learning, and personal growth as well as inspiration and encouragement.

Latin American Society

The Executive Board of the Latin American Society/ Photo by AnnaMaria Leal

The purpose of our club is to spread our Latin American culture into the environment. We want to be able to express our culture and show to others that our Latin culture is beautiful and very traditional to follow together. We want to bring unity together between our culture and others. We want to spread more awareness of our club and hopefully we can get more students to join our club and help us make our Latin culture become bigger and better. Our other goal is to bring more Latin American events to our campus in order to share it with everyone, like Dia de Los Muertos.

Muslim Students Association

The Muslim Student Association at St. Francis College

The SFC Muslim Students Association is a group that brings together students of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures who are interested in Islam. Our organization also promotes unity and equips Muslims and non-Muslims with the fundamental understanding of humanity, equality, and service to others.
We strive to host events that encourage students to engage with one another through a range of social, educational, and religious activities.

Safe Heaven Bible Club

Shares Christian fellowship with its members in an attempt to spread hope and job to all those navigating daily stress and personal hardships.

The Middle Eastern Students Association

The Middle Eastern Students Association

The Middle Eastern Student Association is a club whose primary objective is to amplify the importance of Arab and Middle Eastern heritage in communities that prioritize diversity through dialogues, cultural activities, and collaborations with the students at St. Francis College. Our mission is to center Middle Eastern and North African voices as we showcase how the Middle East has contributed to modern developments in society. Additionally, we center our events around the idea of destigmatizing the mainstream narrative that revolves around the Middle East, North Africa, and the Arab world.

Special Interest Clubs

Amnesty International Chapter at SFC

Amnesty International Chapter Members

The award-winning Amnesty International Chapter at SFC is an activist student group that works closely with Amnesty International USA to promote human rights and social justice in the world and in the SFC community. Amnesty International is the Nobel Peace Prize-winning human rights movement with more than 10 million members globally. We are promoting global citizenship and human rights by working in conjunction with human rights leaders and engaging in activism. Some campaigns we have participated in have been: Write For Rights Campaign, Urgent Action Network Actions, Activism X, Campaigns for Ending Gender Violence, and several more specific cases. We strongly believe in creating a community in which democratic dialogue and debate is crucial. Students in our Chapter--many of them in the Human Rights Minor at SFC--will work together to raise awareness and promote the ideals of equality, human dignity, freedom, and human rights. They get a chance to attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Amnesty International USA and have the opportunity to participate in the Global Citizenship Alliance’s Seminar in Salzburg, Austria.

Anime and Video Game Clubs

The Video Game and Anime Club’s mission is to promote friendship, unity, and competitiveness through discussions, sharing hobbies and video gaming. The VGA Club runs a variety of tournaments, as well as host discussions involving anime, anime movies, video games, video game trailers, and more. Our meetings are designed to help us spread ideas amongst members, to help operate more events, as well as to collaborate with other clubs/organizations. Main events include Super Smash (Fight for the Heights); Fighting tournaments (Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Injustice, Tekken); Sports tournaments (FIFA, 2K, Madden, NHL, MLB); Anime Movie Nights and regular episode viewings.

Dance Team

The SFC Dance Team is a team of passionate dancers that embody school spirit and represent St.Francis on the sidelines of home basketball games. The SFC performs during men's and women's basketball half-times and time-outs, cheers on our terriers at basketball games, and also performs at various other school events. The SFC Dance Team is the perfect place to gain and strengthen your dance skills in a welcoming environment, while also gaining a new life-long family!

Environmental Club

The purpose of our club is to raise awareness about environmental issues and to reduce environmental impact as individuals, as a school community, and as citizens of the world.
The goals of our club are to promote sustainability and educate the SFC community about the importance of environmental sustainability via volunteering events, talks, and other engaging events. Since we have had a change in leadership recently, we want to do a lot more events this upcoming fall of 2022.

We also have a partnership with Cadman Plaza where many volunteering events occur. We are a perfect club to help with any volunteering hours you need for a certain requirement (such as Honors, McGuire, etc.)

Model United Nations

Model United Nations is dedicated to the formation of leaders through public speaking, research, and exposure to settings simulating the roles carried out by United Nations delegates. Moderated debates are a key feature of MUN, in such debates the development of critical thinking is guaranteed. Social skills such as addressing large audiences and interacting with diverse groups of people to reach compromise are not required to join the club but they will surely be acquired throughout the participation process. The objectives of the club are to expand its membership, maintain an active presence on campus through the organization of bi-weekly events, and gain recognition throughout the national and international MUN communities. Model United Nations is one of the few clubs that offers the opportunity to participate in events outside of campus and to represent SFC academically. Throughout the years we have attended multiple world renowned Model UN conferences including the University of Pennsylvania Model United Nations Conference and most recently the 2022 National Model United Nations Conference in New York City. For the upcoming Fall Semester we are looking forward to attending the National Model United Nations Conference in Washington, D.C. If you are interested in a unique and fruitful experience that will enrich your vision, not only as a SFC student, but also in your field of work, join us at SFC MUN.

Radio Club

We are St. Francis College’s up & coming Radio Station. Established in 2016, SFC Radio is a student ran station founded by Professor Brian Gregory, led by student leaders. Our mission is to prepare students for careers or graduate study in the broad field of mass media; to provide students with broadcast experiences that utilize critical thinking and communication skills; to put into practice the classroom learning related to the field of communication and broadcasting; and to provide co-curricular opportunities for students to display responsibility, sociability, self-management and integrity. We are the sound of Brooklyn Heights.

To listen and learn more visit:


Founded in 1925, The Troupers of SFC are the College's dramatic organization. Our members act, produce and direct several full-length and one-act plays each year. This club has been carrying the love and passion for performing arts for almost a century, leaving a legacy for the upcoming generations. If you are interested in theater in any sort of way, join our family, we have a place for you.

Greek Life

Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity

Alpha Phi Delta: Beta Sigma chapter was founded on November 30th, 1962. We are a national Italian American heritage fraternity that focuses on a brotherhood that will last long past our college years. We strive on guiding our members and helping them reach their full potential at SFC. APD Beta Sigma would not exist without SFC and because of that we try to support and contribute as much as we can to our college and its activities.

Kappa Theta Nu Sorority

Kappa Theta Nu’s mission is to represent the fusion of intellectually and culturally diverse women for the betterment of society as well as enforcing the empowerment of women through service and volunteer work. It was founded to eliminate the negative stereotypes that are associated with Greek organizations. Kappa Theta Nu Sorority Inc. was founded in 2010 to work towards our philanthropy of Autism Awareness. Together we raise awareness through several engaging events. With us you can show leadership, gain initiative, and create lifelong friendships. We are a group of diverse, intelligent, and strong willed women who promote the empowerment and the support of woman through a strong sisterhood that goes beyond the four years of college.

Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity is a national, social fraternity whose charter was established during Spring 2010. Their primary philanthropy is St. Jude’s Hospital and over the past 10 years the organization has raised over $75000 for cancer research through events such as See-Saw for a Cure, community walks and fundraisers.

Zeta Gamma Delta Sorority

Zeta Gamma Delta is a local sorority that was founded in the summer of 2013 at St. Francis College. Our goal is to contribute to philanthropy events and do what we can to give back to our community. We motivate each other to be successful women and strive for our dreams. At SFC we have created a family and a home for one another.

Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity

Alpha Phi Delta is an national Italian heritage fraternity with chapters at universities all over the country. The Beta Sigma chapter established at Saint Francis College has been active since 1962. The fraternity aims to provide a welcoming community for its members and engaging activities on and off campus for the SFC community such as mixers, social gatherings, philanthropy events etc. The Beta Sigma motto is "quality over quantity" which represents the chapters desire to create a tight family like bond between its brothers.

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