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Religious Studies BA

Religious Studies, B.A.

The Bachelor of Arts program in Religious Studies at St. Francis Colleges provides students the opportunity to become experts in the fascinating and diverse history of the world’s religions and gain insightful new perspectives on local and world events. The program prepares students for graduate studies in various fields, as well as professional work in psychology, history, literature, philosophy, art, political science, international affairs, law, and social sciences.

Steeped in the Franciscan Tradition of kindness, generosity, tolerance, and respect, the Religious Studies program at SFC underscores the importance of understanding religions other than our own and learning about their diversity and history.

Underlying the focused, outcomes-driven curriculum is SFC’s robust General Education Program, which is the cornerstone of SFC and affirms its mission to graduate educated, well-rounded individuals who enter the workforce and work to change and culturally diversify the world.


St. Francis College students receive the enhanced Terrier 360 system of wrap-around support from day one to after graduation. Within the robust support, students gain in-depth insight and guidance to academic, internship, and career path options via the Center for Student Success, Center for Career Exploration, and Center for Learning and Leadership.

Additionally, numerous academic, cultural, and special interest student clubs and organizations on campus offer opportunities for peer and professional networking and engagement.


Qualified students seeking an additional academic challenge can participate in the St. Francis Honors Program, where students participate in a series of small, intensive seminars, trips, and other activities that lead towards a senior thesis.

The College is also home to 15 national honor societies and its own Duns Scotus Honors Society which recognizes students for their academic and community achievements.


Our graduates come from all walks of life, with one thing in common: the desire and drive to serve their communities.



In keeping with the Catholic and Franciscan heritage of the College, Religious Studies at St. Francis includes both descriptive study of religious history, literature and practice and constructive inquiry into religious ideas and meaning through the study of religious thought and ethics with an emphasis on contemporary issues.

The full curriculum can be found here.

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