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High School Bridge Program

The St. Francis College High School Bridge Program is designed for high school students who are interested in receiving college credits and the necessary preparation and guidance to succeed in college at an affordable cost.

Through this innovative model, students take SFC coursework at their own high school, taught by their own high school teachers. The High School Bridge Program identifies upper-level high school courses as comparable to introductory college courses, and awards credits to students who complete them. Participating students benefit from:

  • Gaining college-level credit that transfers to SFC degrees or other institutions.
  • Commencing college with some requirements fulfilled already saves time and money.
  • Receiving official SFC transcripts for the courses completed under the High School Bridge Program.

Additionally, our High School Bridge Program focuses on assisting students to build college readiness skills and gain the support necessary for success through customized programming, workshops and info sessions which are tailored to the needs of our participating students.

Course Offerings

The courses available depend on the specific arrangements of the High School Bridge Program with each participating high school. In the 2020-2021 academic year the coursework that was offered included but was not limited to:

Business, Sociology, Political Science, Accounting, Language, Math, Marketing, Religion, Writing, Biology, Chemistry, English, Fine Arts, History, Information Technology, Communications, Physics, Criminal Justice and Entrepreneurship.

Entry Requirements

The partner high school will help determine if students are at a high enough level academically to succeed in High School Bridge coursework. However, students must satisfy the following High School Bridge Program General Eligibility Requirements:

  • High School Bridge students must be in 11th or 12th grade to participate in High School Bridge coursework.
  • High School Bridge students must have completed all pre-requisite coursework to participate in a High School Bridge course. Pre-requisites will be determined by St. Francis College and the high school.

Tuition Fees

High School Bridge Program courses are offered at a significant discount. Each SFC course costs $70 per credit:

  • 3-credit course costs $210
  • 4-credit course costs $280

How to Apply

Interested students should reach out to their Guidance Counsellor at their respective high school for more information about available courses and how to apply.

Sign-up Your High School

For questions or inquiries about SFC’s High School Bridge Program, please contact SFC’s Director of Success Partnerships, Gregory Bardzell, at [email protected].

About the High School Bridge Program

Learn about the High School Bridge collaborations with partners, parents, and students and what benefits St. Francis College’s High School Bridge Program offers participants.
Learn about how the application process works and the application features that provide the students with a quick,easy, and painless application process for High School Bridge coursework.
Learn step-by-step how to complete the High School Bridge application.
Learn about the registration process, post-registration procedures, and what email correspondence to look for from SFC about registration.
Learn about the High School Bridge payment system, how to use your student credentials (username and password) that you are provided to make payment, and what email correspondence to look for from SFC that includes instructions for payment. Also hear more about what payment forms are accepted and what SFC's High School Bridge credits cost.
Learn about how and when to order High School Bridge transcripts.
For more information please contact St. Francis College’s Director of Success Partnerships, Gregory Bardzell at [email protected].

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