St. Francis College offers one of the most affordable, private college educations.

Scholarships and Affordability

A Valuable Education

Choosing the right college can be a difficult decision, but an important part of the Franciscan tradition is to make sure that each and every student reaches his or her goal.

Many think a quality, private college experience can only come at a high price, but we are proud to say that St. Francis College offers one of the most affordable, private college educations in New York City. Ninety-nine percent of our students receive some form of financial aid; including institutional scholarships and grants, federal and state grants, and federal student’s loans.

Financial Aid:

The first important step in the financial aid process is completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This will help St. Francis determine your financial aid eligibility. Applying online at is the fastest and easiest way to complete your financial aid application.

  • St. Francis College federal school code is 002820
  • St. Francis College state school code is 0715

Scholarships at SFC:

Scholarships are one of the most attractive forms of financial aid because they don't have to be repaid. Last year, St. Francis College awarded more than $22 million in institutionally funded scholarships and grants to students who demonstrated strong academic performance. Students may also qualify for assistance based on financial need.

Merit Based Scholarship:

The SFC merit based scholarship is offered to all eligible students. Once a student is fully accepted with a 71+ GPA, they will be offered a scholarship ranging from $600- $12,000.

Faith Based Scholarship:

The SFC Faith Based Scholarship is for students who attend a faith based high school. The scholarship is awarded upon acceptance in the amount of $1,000.

Legacy Scholarship:

The SFC Legacy Scholarship is for students who have family members who are current students or graduates of St. Francis College. A Legacy Scholarship of $1,000 will be awarded to siblings of current St. Francis College students. A Legacy Scholarship of $500 will be awarded to students who have parents, siblings, or grandparents who are graduates of St. Francis College. This scholarship is awarded upon acceptance.

Need Based Aid Opportunities:

St. Francis College is proud to offer Need Based Aid in addition to any merit, legacy, or faith-based scholarships students are awarded.

Based on the information we’ve received from a student’s FASFA application we are able to award additional Need Based Aid. The financial aid team is able to take into account your adjusted gross income, the number of people in your household, number of household members attending college, and additional factors based on what’s reported on your FASFA application. This is meant to benefit all applicants regardless of income level.

Scholarship Day:

Scholarship Day is an opportunity for high achieving applicants to participate in an essay competition. The essay will be written during one of our designated Scholarship Day events. After essays are submitted, they are read and graded by members of our faculty. The top 4 scoring students will receive a full tuition scholarship.

All other participants will receive additional scholarships!

  • Requirements to attend:
    • 85+ High School GPA
    • Admitted to SFC
    •  Any student who competed for a full tuition scholarship for Fall 2020 during our January 25th and March 7th events will be contacted the first week in April.

Alumni Grad-itude Scholarship:

The Alumni Grad-itude Scholarship Program is open to any SFC alumni who:

  • Is in good standing with the college
  • Has completed an Associate’s/Bachelor’s Degree/Master's Degree
  • Is an active member of the SFC alumni community

Alumni who meet these requirements will be eligible to pay just $450 per credit- a 30% discount.

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Scholarship:

Special consideration is given to full-time transfer students who hold membership in Phi Theta Kappa and meet the established requirements of a 3.5 GPA with 60 accepted transfer credits upon entry to St. Francis College. The Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship is available for students entering St. Francis College in both the fall and spring semesters. 

  • Recipients receive a $500 a year scholarship
  • PTK members will have the opportunity to apply for the Honors Program
  • Their exceptional GPAs will provide them with substantial scholarship opportunities
  • Rigorous courses that will prepare them for their careers after they graduate
  • Meet with fellow members from PTK at different campus events 

Robert J. McGuire Scholarship:

  • Learn more about the Robert J. McGuire Scholarship 
  • Any student who applied for the Robert J. McGuire Scholarship for Fall 2020 will be contacted the first week in April.

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