St. Francis College students

Bridge Plus Program

The St. Francis College High School Bridge Plus Program is designed for High School students who are interested in receiving college credits and the necessary preparation and guidance to succeed in college at an affordable cost.

Through this innovative model, students take SFC coursework at their own high school, taught by their own high school teachers. The Bridge Plus Program identifies upper-level high school courses as comparable to introductory college courses, and awards credits to students who complete them. Participating students benefits from:

  • Gaining college-level credit that transfers to SFC degrees or other institutions.
  • Commencing college with some requirements fulfilled already, saving time and money.
  • Receiving official SFC transcripts for the courses completed under the Bridge Plus Program.

Additionally, the “Plus” component of our program focuses on assisting students to build college readiness skills and gain the support necessary for success through customized programming, workshops and info sessions which are tailored to the needs of our participating students. 

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