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Endowed Scholarship Program

Endowed Scholarships are a vital part of any higher education institution, and particularly to a small, private institution like St. Francis College serving a student population from the greater New York City area.

At the core of our mission, we strive to offer bright and promising students a top-tier education at an accessible cost.

Through our Endowed Scholarship Program, we continue our long history of providing scholarship aid to students who are in need and deserving of assistance in pursuing their Big Dreams.

Each of our Funds honors the contributions of past members of our community while simultaneously recognizing the success and potential of our current members.

Scholarships help us attract and retain bright students who might otherwise be unable to attend college due to financial constraints.

Click for a complete list of scholarships

From this list, please click on a specific scholarship for more information on supporting that particular fund. Alternatively, please contact the Office of Advancement at 718.489.5377 to make a contribution or create a new fund.

Recent publications on SFC Endowed Scholarships:

Some recently awarded students said this about receiving an endowed scholarship:

One day I hope to be in the position of being able to extend the same helping hand that I have received. I am proud to attend St. Francis College and know that soon I will stand alongside my benefactors as an alumnus of SFC.

– Frederick D. '64 and Catherine Furman Scholarship Recipient

To me our scholarship program means opportunity. I think it's truly amazing that individuals who establish themselves give back to St. Francis, allowing students to flourish and someday return that gift, in whichever of the many possible ways they chose.

– Robert J. McGuire Scholarship Recipient

My scholarship serves as the stepping stone I needed to continue my journey of achieving my dreams; it has already led me to achieve a 4.0!

– William Randolph Hearst Foundation Scholarship Recipient

Being a part of the Endowed Scholar community inspires me to work hard, and help others. It’s a really good feeling and a source of inspiration every day.

- Gene '79 and Ginna Donnelly Scholarship Recipient

Testimonials like these remind us of the value and importance of the Endowed Scholarship Program. If you would like to contribute to or create a scholarship, please contact the Office of Advancement at 718.489.5361.

Find out more about the New York Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act.

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