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May 18, 2021

A Message From St. Francis College Director of Athletics Irma Garcia

You heard earlier today from Miguel Martinez-Saenz, President of St. Francis College and Denis Salamone, Chair of the SFC Board of Trustees, the exciting news that the College is preparing to move to a new campus, located on three floors of The Wheeler building at 181 Livingston Street in Brooklyn, in September 2022.

The relocation is part of SFC Forward, our vision for SFC's future in the coming years. I want to share more about the central role of Athletics.

All 21 teams competing under the Terrier banner will continue without interruption, during and after our campus relocation in summer and fall 2022. Our entire athletics program remains integral to the SFC of tomorrow, just as it has always been.

SFC's outdoor sports will practice and compete at various outdoor locations, as they do currently.

Because our new Wheeler building campus does not have a gymnasium or pool on site, we are making special plans for indoor teams that rely on those facilities, including aquatics, basketball and volleyball.

SFC may partner with nearby educational institutions, to use their indoor facilities in the short term after our move. SFC is developing a permanent solution for its indoor sports and other athletics facilities longer term. More information will be announced soon.

The Wheeler campus will have a modified weight room and other training spaces compared to what is available currently at the Remsen Street campus. This means student-athletes, coaches and staff may be using nearby off-site facilities for some training and rehabilitation activities.

Finally, our new campus is being designed for hybrid work and learning.

Many employees, across the entire institution, will do their jobs remotely at least some of the time. Athletics is no exception. While Athletics has dedicated office space, we expect not all staff will work in our new campus at once. We will share more about this hybrid work arrangements as we get closer to moving.

I am so proud of SFC Athletics and the students and staff at its heart. While we enjoy our final year at Remsen Street, I'm honored to embark on the SFC Forward journey with you and shepherd Athletics into this thrilling new chapter in SFC's history.

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