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May 10, 2022

SFC Professor’s Book on Veganism Set to Be Published

The Vegan Evolution
Detail from the book's cover

In June, British publisher Routledge will release The Vegan Evolution: Transforming Diets and Agriculture, by St. Francis College (SFC) professor of literature, writing and publishing Gregory F. Tague.

Drawing from the latest research in food ecology and evolutionary studies, Tague’s book makes the case for shifting the human diet away from farmed meat and dairy products while calling on legislative leaders, policymakers and educators to inform the public about the advantages of a vegan culture. As he notes in the book’s abstract, “The bottom line is that we have to start thinking collectively about smarter ways of growing and processing plant foods and not farming animals as food to generate good consequences for health, the environment and animals.”

Twice nominated for a Pushcart Prize for his non-fiction writing, Tague is the author of several works, including, most recently, An Ape Ethic and the Question of Personhood (Lexington Books, 2020). He founded and edits the ASEBL Journal and Literary Veganism. At SFC, Tague is the founder and senior developer of the Evolutionary Studies Collaborative.

For more about The Vegan Evolution, visit Tague’s Google site.

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