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Evolutionary Studies Collaborative | St. Francis College

Evolutionary Studies Collaborative

Exploring Evolution Across Disciplines

Evolution, ethics, biology, consciousness, literature. All of these topics, as well as their interplay, are explored in the Evolutionary Studies Collaborative, which publishes the ASEBL Journal and blog and hosts unique events and teaching on campus to explore evolution in its multiple dimensions.

Missions and Goals

The Mission of the Evolutionary Studies Collaborative is to advance the study and discussion of evolution at St. Francis College by using an interdisciplinary approach and:

  • including objective and unbiased references to evolution, whether through natural selection, sexual selection, social selection or cultural selection in a range of courses across disciplines;
  • fostering discussions about biological, psychological or cultural evolution in the classroom or on campus;
  • promoting via campus events a greater awareness and understanding of evolution in its multiple dimensions.

The Goals of ESC include (but are not limited to):

  • coordinating meetings with students and professors who wish to discuss evolution (and to find ways of incorporating evolutionary studies in courses);
  • creating on-campus workshops or symposium highlighting the importance of an evolutionary perspective to learning and teaching across disciplines;
  • encouraging students to offer periodic *Evolution Everywhere* presentations (in class, on campus or via a Collaborative-related blog);
  • holding public events on campus;
  • inviting speakers to campus;
  • conducting field trips;
  • working with the ASEBL Journal and blog (especially in terms of a biennial Moral Sense Colloquium);
  • initiating a stand-alone blog (with student involvement) devoted entirely to evolutionary studies at SFC;
  • engaging with other evolutionary studies programs at other colleges.

Who We Are

Gregory F. Tague, Ph.D. (English)
Founder and Senior Developer
[email protected]
Kristy Biolsi, Ph.D. (Psychology)
Co-founder and Senior Developer
[email protected]
Alison Dell, Ph.D. (Biology)
Senior Developer
[email protected]
Clayton Shoppa, PH.D. (Philosophy)
Senior Developer
[email protected]

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