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Remembering Remsen Story

Charles Caloia ’17

180 Remsen gold doors

I’ve always been attached to the seventh floor. I can’t count how many times I sat around with friends in Communications while prepping for a lab class or, eventually, my senior project. Winters and springs were filled with shows, about a dozen of which I performed in to take the edge off the hard sciences. The Spring 2015 semester was my absolute favorite. I was hired as a peer tutor and selected by the National Science Foundation to intern at Binghamton University. I met Kathryn Grant, who’s most responsible for nurturing my love of theater. I was brought on to provide sound design for a production of her award-winning play, The Good Counselor, the story of a lawyer defending a mother accused of killing her infant son. Working on a piece of such gravity made me feel I was doing something more than just post-teen comedies. I don’t know what the move will bring for SFC; my only wish is that it continues to provide a gateway to achieving larger goals, just as it did for me.

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Remembering Remsen Story

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Remembering Remsen Story

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