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Alumni Story

Juliana Kagami '16

Born and raised in Brazil, Juliana started her swimming career in her home country and first enrolled in an American college in 2012. After three semesters at Missouri State University, Juliana transferred her studies to St Francis College in 2013. She joined the college’s Swimming and Diving team and set at least three school records.

  Juliana graduated from St Francis College with a double major in Economics and International Cultural Studies and a minor in Spanish. She also studied abroad in Spain, where she could learn and practiced the Spanish language. After graduation, Juliana worked for a Finnish EdTech company and eventually moved back to her country of origin. In Brazil, Juliana worked as Study Abroad Coordinator supporting low-income Brazilian students in applying to top American colleges. She also developed two free online courses to support Brazilians in pursuing higher education abroad. 

Currently, Juliana is pursuing an Education Master from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she specializes in Human Development and Education. 

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