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Upload Proof of Vaccination
Reminder: All students, faculty, and staff must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and upload proof as a condition of accessing College buildings (including the residence hall) during the 2021-2022 academic year.


Academic Recovery Program

Get Back On Track

Our Academic Recovery Program is designed to help students get back on track and achieve their academic goals. See below for more information about the program and contact Esther Rosier with any questions.

Academic Probation and Recovery

All students must maintain a 2.0 GPA to be in good academic standing. Academic Probation is a status that indicates a student’s academic work is below the expected standard. The Academic Recovery program is designed to aid students in achieving their academic goals and rebuilding their CUMGPA to a 2.0 or higher.

Academic Resources for the Recovery Program

Each semester students are provided with resources that focus on (1) academic and personal development, (2) college readiness and (3) holistic wellness.

Success Coaches

Each student on the program is given a success coach who will work with them bi-weekly to complete their academic goals, improve their time management, and study skills, while also encouraging them throughout the semester.

Check-In Meetings

Students meet with the Assistant Director Academic Recovery and Resources to discuss their academic progress and personal wellbeing.

  1. Early Semester Check-in
    1. Discuss courses for the upcoming and analyze the last semester to create a strategic individualized plan.
  2. Mid Semester Check-in
    1. Examine their midterm grades and progress reports so their strategic plan can be revised to reflect what needs to be done in the second half of the semester.
  3. End of Semester Check-in
    1. Reflect on their final grades and talk about the next steps for students who are still below the academic standard.
Study Hall

A time is set aside during the school day for students to work independently on homework. Students must attend study hall at least 2 hours a week.

Be Well Initiative

A wellness initiative created to give students a place to talk about their non-academic concerns with other students who are going through similar situations.

Contact Information

Esther Rosier

Assistant Director

Academic Resource & Recovery

Appointments can be made through Navigate.