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Caribbean & The Haitian Students Association

Our mission statement is to teach the St. Francis College Community about the great aspects of the Caribbean Community. We want to make a change in the way people view the Caribbean culture. We strive to maintain equality and respect of the different cultures as well as bring awareness to the cultural diversity here on campus. The Caribbean Student Association strives to educate the SFC community about Caribbean culture and diversity. We want to make a difference by showing the community that the people of the Caribbean not only want to fete but also want to be helpers. We have created an awareness project that will benefit those in need living in the Caribbean. We do this by hosting a lot of Fundraisers and having a lot of fun at cultural events. This includes mini carnivals, food tastings and other exciting things that you have to see once you join the club! Our main events are our annual dance class and culture show. The dance class consists of one of the dancers that we see every day on social media sites. The decision of the dancer is up to the group and it is a great opportunity to learn about the different dances and types of music that we dance to. The culture show demonstrates the talent of the Caribbean Culture and everything is live so it feels like you are actually in the Caribbean. For More information: Follow us on Instagram: sfc_csa

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