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Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society


About Us

KDP is a teaching professional honor society. Preservice teachers are invited to join based on high academic performance and dedication to the education profession. Professional educators can also be members.

Educational Outreach Program

Values of KDP Members

  • Excellence: Members strive for personal excellence
  • Integrity: Members uphold truth and transparency
  • Expertise: Members dedicate themselves to the lifelong pursuit of learning
  • Equity: Members pledge themselves to be fair and impartial
  • Diversity: Members embrace the duty to serve all regardless of heritage, age, gender, sexuality, and ability
  • Empathy: Members are aware of and sensitive to the emotions of our members, colleagues, and those whom we teach

Community Outreach


Kappa Delta Pi, known as KDP, was founded on March 8, 1911, at the University of Illinois by Dr. William Bagley. KDP has evolved over 100 years to become the largest national honor society in education, and you are proudly joined by 35,000 peers and more than 700 chapters.

KDP Principles

  • Knowledge: Members commit to advancement through continued education
  • Duty: Lifetime of service to our profession, to our students, and to society
  • Power: The will to change that which we cannot accept and wield influence in society to benefit all

Chapter Leadership

Chapter Officers 2023-24

President: Brianna Cipolla
Vice President: Gabriella Lora
Treasurer: Daniella Catalano
Xi Rho Chapter Counselor: Dr. Cesar C. Navarrete

“The will to change that which we cannot accept and wield influence in society to benefit all.”

— KDP Principle

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