SFC Navigate

Instructions for Using Navigate - Scheduling Freshman or Transfer Registration Appointments

Steps 1 & 2:

  1. Log into Navigate by downloading the app in the iOS or Android store OR visit sfc.navigate.eab.com using your SFC credentials. (This is the same username/password you to access the Skills Assessment!)
  2.  Once logged in, you should click on Appointments and will be brought to the appointment scheduler.
Navigate Home Screen


Step 3:

Next, click on “Schedule an Appointment”

Schedule an Appointment


Step 4:

Under the appointment type, select “Advising.” 

Next, select “Incoming Transfer Student Registration” OR “Incoming Freshman Class Registration"

IMPORTANT: If you select another reason, your advisor won’t be prepared to meet with you to register, so it is important that you select this reason only so we know you are an incoming transfer student!



Step 5:

You will then be prompted to select the session you want to attend. Sessions for transfer student registration are listed above. If you are scheduling your appointment in advance, please scroll through the calendar until you find these dates!



Step 6:

Once you have selected when you are scheduling your appointment, you will need to confirm. You will receive a confirmation email that goes to your SFC email. You can also choose to receive a reminder text message, but will need to include the phone number to receive the text.